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Student Email Changes

Over the past two years, the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith has been in the process of changing its Internet identity from “” to “”. This change is also requiring us to update the Google Apps (a.k.a. Gmail) accounts for students (and employees who use the Google Apps system) to use the new domain name. THE CHANGES DETAILED BELOW WILL HAVE AN IMPACT ON WHERE STUDENTS RECEIVE THEIR OFFICIAL CAMPUS COMMUNICATIONS. If you rely on the UAFS Google Apps system for email, documents, or other similar uses, please read the rest of this message so you will understand how these changes will affect you. If you do not use the UAFS Google Apps system, you can disregard this message.

What Is Changing and How Will Those Changes Impact Me?

In order to accommodate the new UAFS Internet identity, Technology Services staff have prepared a new, separate Google Apps environment that uses the new domain name format. For example, student John Doe, who has an account on the current Google Apps system as now also has a access to a new account at While the two system have the same basic look and feel, the two systems are distinct and separate; messages, documents, and other settings of one system are completely independent of the other system. For example, messages sent to the current addresses will not show up within the system. Likewise, documents and other files stored in the current system are not carried over to the new system.

Effective immediately, both the current Google Apps system and the new system are going to be running simultaneously for the time being. Between now and Wednesday, April 24th, official campus communications will continue to be sent to the “” addresses. Effective Thursday, April 25th, UAFS systems that generate official emails for students will be updated to begin using the new “” addresses for corresponding with students, so it is imperative that all students begin regularly checking the new Gmail system for important notifications and other campus communications at that time.

On June 10th, all access to the Gmail system will cease to function. This will be true not only for students, but also for employees and Technology Services administrators. To ensure that you do not lose access to important messages and documents, please follow the instructions outlined below to transfer your current messages and documents from the current system to the new one.

Important note for UAFS employees: unlike the current system, the new Gmail system does not, by default, automatically forward messages to your campus email account. Email messages addressed to “” by default will only be delivered to the Gmail system. If this behavior is undesirable to you, please contact the Technology Service Desk to arrange for enabling automatic mail forwarding.

What You Need To Do

To avoid loss of important email and other documents after the June 10th deadline, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Log-in to the new Google Apps system using your campus username and password. (You can access the new system by clicking on the link provided below. Additionally, you can find a similar link on the My UAFS web page.) Verify that the login works normally and that you do not receive any errors. We recommend sending a test email from the current system (or from another external system) to your new email address to verify that message delivery works as expected.
  2. Between now and June 10th, transfer your existing e-mail messages, documents and other files from the current system to the new system. Instructions for performing this transfer process can be found here.
  3. Identify the people, businesses, mailing lists, websites, or other non-UAFS organizations that you’ve provided your campus Gmail address to. Contact each of these entities to re-register or otherwise provide them your new “” e-mail address. Instruct them to begin using the new address immediately.
  4. Between now and June 10th, monitor both systems periodically for incoming messages, especially for senders that are still using the address in the current Gmail system. Let them know of the address change as soon as possible.

The Technology Services Helpdesk is ready to assist you in any way it can. However, it will not be able to perform these actions for you, so be sure to get an early start on this process. If you do need assistance or have other questions, please contact them at (479) 788-7460 or via email at