Student Research Symposium Winners

2016 Symposium Winners



Presentation Title

Faculty Sponsor

Lacy Frederick


Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

Angie Elmore

Shania Atchison
Henry Gutierrez
Bobby Hill
Daniel Stacy


The Effects of Creatine HCI

Sandhya Baviskar

Luis Muniz

International Business

A Review of Cultural Awareness Impacts on the Success Rate of International Assignments

Larry Faulk

Justin Moore
Jared Dunning

Electronics Technology

Design of an Autonomous Robot for a Simulated Search and Rescue Game

Muhammad Khan

Shane Hale


The Power of Positive Relationships and Effective Teaching Strategies on the Academic and Social Success of Young Adolescents

Lois Yocum

Lindsay Tillery
Sara Tomlin
VIctoria Wiley


Neo-Victorian and Steampunk Inclusion in a Canon-Based Classroom

Lindsy Lawrence

Joshua Harris


Star Trek: The Mirror of America

Ann-Gee Lee

Samuel Hansen


The Pathos of Anthropomorphism: The Holocaust and Art Spiegelman's Maus

Cammie Sublette

Erin Langford


Marielitos at Fort Chaffee: Misunderstood and Misrepresented

Steven Kite

  Kayla Schluterman  

Studio Art

The Meaning Behind the Appearance of the St. Stephen Burse Reliquary

Mary B. Shepard

Solon Pender

Media Communication

Much Ado About Adoing Too Much: Analyzing the Critiques of Anderson and Ferguson on Violent Video Game Research

James Benjamin

Jerome Kremers

Media Communication The Effects of Text Messaging on Relational Intimacy in Young Adults Susan Simkowski

2015 Symposium Winners



Presentation Title

Faculty Sponsor

Ostie Hobbs

Animation Technology

Utilization of Motion Capture Across Multiple
Fields of Study

Argie Nichols

Jerry Allen Wing


Good Whig Hunting

Billy Higgins

Trenten Foust
Megan Jordan


Epigenetic Effects of Developmental Alcohol - A Pilot Study

Nicha Otero

Patricia Taylor
Johni L. Smith
Kelsey Graham

Dental Hygiene

LINK IN with IPE: The Need for Interprofessional Education

Charmaine Stuteville

Jennifer Allen
Mercedes Munson
Cynthia Spencer
Marisa Vinson

Dental Hygiene

Guard Your Smile

Charmaine Stuteville

Matthew Farrar


Brontian Pastiche in Post-suffrage South Riding

Lindsy Lawrence

Heather Deere

Media Communications

"Books Must be Read as Deliberately and Reservedly as They Were Written" - Henry David Thoreau; Does the Format of Access Affect Comprehension of the Written Word?

Bradley Wiggins

Tracie McCarver


In What Ways can a Student with Dysgraphia Improve Comprehension and Achievement in Math Class by Improving His Handwriting?

Lois Yocum

 Andrew Haught


Going on Holiday in the Natural State: An Analysis of the Impact of Sales Tax Holidays

Jim Wollscheid

Ciara Fleer


Towards the Synthesis and Characterization of the Planar-Chiral (PS)-1-Isocyano-2-Methylcymantrene Ligand

Dave McGinnis

Pamela Rosales
Sarai Gonzalez


Ferrocene Derivatives of Tamoxifen as Potential Anticancer Drugs

David J. Burkey

Jamie VanScoy
Deidre Williams,
Hoai Pham
Chauntel Terry
Dannah Dix

Organizational Leadership

Forgotten Warriors

Kristin Tardif

Tiffany Nance
Destiney Ellis
Katheryn Odell
Anna Walton


Alternative Medicine for Pediatric Chemotherapy Side Effects

Marilyn Duran