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Tuition, Fees & Payments




Beginning with the Spring 2014 semester, tuition and fees will be due BEFORE classes begin.  Classes for the Spring 2014 term begin on January 13, 2014.  The deadline date to pay your charges is January 7, 2014.  IF FULL PAYMENT AND/OR ARRANGEMENT (FINANCIAL AID OR INSTALLMENT PLAN) HAS NOT BEEN MADE BY January 7, 2014, YOU WILL BE DEREGISTERED AND DROPPED FROM YOUR CLASSES.  Please make every effort to have any financial aid in place before you leave for the winter break.  Installment plans will be available December 5, 2013 for the Spring 2014 semester.  A minimum payment of 25% (four month installment) of your net balance (charges less financial aid) will be required to stay enrolled.




How much does it cost to attend UAFS?

Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, any and all fees may be increased or decreased, and new fees may be established when deemed necessary. Tuition and fees are not capped. They are charged for each hour taken.  Effective for the fall term 2013.

Full-Time Tuition and Fees
For One Semester
(15 Hours)


Mandatory Fees

($133 x 15 hours)

Out-of-State and
International, and
*Border States

($364 x 15 hours)



Full-Time Tuition and Fees
For One Year

(30 Hours)


Mandatory Fees

($133 x 30 hours)

Out-of-State and
International, and
*Border States

($364 x 30 hours)
Fees include registration, student health, fitness center access, facilities, activity, athletic, technology, campus center, and library. Other fees may apply. 
*Border state tuition is $364 per credit hour with a discount of $231 per credit hour for a net charge per credit  hour of $133, the same rate as in-state residents.  In-state (Arkansas) and border state rates include residents (at least six consecutive months) of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. 

How to make a payment.

Parents Pay Here | Students Pay Here


  • Payment may be made by debit card, credit card, or personal check. Debit / credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, & Discover.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your payment from 
  • If you are a student, once you sign in to LionsLink click the Cashier's Office link and choose the desired transaction. 
  • If you are unable to make full payment of your current charges, you may choose from three (3) Installment Plan Agreements that cover eligible current semester charges on your student account after financial aid has been applied.  Past due balances cannot be included in the installment plan.  To enroll, students must select the installment plan and pay the service charge associated with the agreement.  This charge is nonrefundable.  Students must enroll in the payment plan and pay the first installment payment on or before the published payment due date in order to avoid being dropped from their classes. 
  • Installment plans for the Spring 2014 semester will be available starting December 5, 2013.  The deadline to sign up for these plans and pay the first installment payment is January 7, 2014.  Please note that installment plans cannot be set up at the Cashier's Office.  All installment plans must be set up through the Online Payment Center.  UAFS does not store your bank account or credit card information to be used for subsequent payments.  Bank account or credit card information must be entered each time a payment is made online. 
  • Third party payers such as parents, etc. will need to know the following information to make a payment online.
    1.  Student ID number

    2.  Last Name

    3.  First Name

    4.  Date of Birth
  • Students can now enroll for direct deposit of refunds into a checking or savings account. Information needed includes 1) Bank Routing Number, 2) Bank Account Number, and 3) Bank Account Type (checking or savings)
  • Please note that establishing an installment plan, setting up direct deposit, or paying a housing deposit can only be done through the student's LionsLink access, not through the parent payment link. 




The following dates are the deadline for payment for each term.  If full payment and/or arrangement (financial aid or installment plan) has not been made by the deadline date, the student will be deregistered and dropped from classes for that term.


     Spring 2014 Deadline to Pay:                      January 7, 2014

     Summer I 2014 Deadline to Pay:                 May 23, 2014

     Summer II 2014 Deadline to Pay:                June 27, 2014

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