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Department of Art and Theatre

Graphic Design

Students in Graphic Design learn to be creative and develop technical solutions to design challenges encountered in the workplace, including logos, brochures, packages, advertising and identity designs, copywriting, photography direction, digital media, and illustration. Graduates of the program will have a completed portfolio and will be prepared to work for advertising agencies, design studios, television stations, corporate design firms, and other graphic-related industries.


Upon completion of the BS in Graphic Design degree, the student will:

  1. Produce vector-based artwork according to industry standards.

  2. Design and produce advertising in various media according to industry standards.

  3. Create a graphic design portfolio.

  4. Demonstrate proper pre-press file preparation according to industry standards.



Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art is a liberal arts degree with course offerings in the visual arts of painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking. It provides students with a firm foundation in the creation of art within the context of a liberal arts education. Students select the BA degree rather than the BS in Graphic Design primarily because of their interest in non-commercial directions in the arts and their commitment to studying art as part of a broad based liberal education. The foundations and art history courses for both programs are the same, but the BA students will focus their upper level studies in the studio art classes offered by the department as well as selecting courses outside of the discipline.


Upon completion of the BA in Studio Art degree, the student will:

  1. Understand and utilize the creative process to make quality artwork.

  2. Demonstrate and apply principles of design, composition, color, and the visual elements in studio artwork.

  3. Attain and utilize conceptual drawing skills to generate ideas and perceptual drawing skills to generate high quality images.           

  4. Develop skills with a variety of media to create works of visual impact and expression.

  5. Create a portfolio of work which reflects the program outcomes.

  6. Demonstrate an understanding of art history and criticism through written documents and oral presentations.

Visit the Chancellor's Coalition for the Visual Arts on facebook. The mission of the Coalition is to develop, maintain and exhibit an art collection that enhances and supports education programs at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith


The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a liberal arts degree with a major in theatre with two concentrations: (1) acting/directing, (2) design. The program provides students with an education in theatre to develop skills and knowledge to create full stage productions of dramatic works. A comprehensive undergraduate theatre degree prepares students for entrance into graduate Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts programs in Theatre at other state universities. The degree program gives students a strong education in the liberal arts, including a breadth of courses that develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical perspectives, global and cultural awareness, and discipline based knowledge in a minor area of study.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proper vocal and physical fundamentals in the acting process.
  2. Build 2D and 3D scenery according to professional standards.
  3. Correctly analyze and demonstrate story and character elements in script.
  4. Produce complete documentation packages for their design responsibility in a production team.