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Lifelong Learning Lecture Series


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There are three ways to register for the classes/events.

• $20 enrolls you for both the Lifelong Learning Lecture Series and the Here’s to Your Health lecture series CRN  • 12 sessions (Best Value)

• $15 enrolls you for the Here’s to Your Health Lecture Series CRN • 6 sessions, indicated below as H2H

• $5 enrolls you for any individual lecture 

Locations for lectures:

  • ECC is Echols Conference center, the building to the south of Stubblefield

  • CCC is Central Christian Church, same parking lot and then to the south side

Henry Strong - A Diary from the Civil War
Tom Wing

Henry Strong was a private in the 12th Kansas Infantry. He kept a diary
during the Civil War and much of his time was spent in Fort Smith and Arkansas.
UAFS historian Tom Wing will illuminate Strong’s story.

Wed Feb 18 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6207

Understand China: 6,000 Years in 60 Minutes!
Hui Apple

In keeping with the Chinese theme for ReadThis, join local expert Hui Apple
as she shares a brief history and images of China and contrasts the Chinese
lifestyle with that of the United States.

Wed Feb 25 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6208

Reschedule this class for Wednesday April 1st...from 2-3 pm...we will have a double-header with Dr Kannan's lecture following our regularly schedule lecture shown below.

Rare Birds in Arkansas
Dr. Ragupathy Kannan

UAFS biology professor Ragapthay Kannan is an expert in bird life and has led many bird-watching tours to international locales. But this talk focuses on the rare species seen here in Arkansas.

Wed April 1st  2-3 pm $5 ECC CRN: 6209

Love Your Gums!
Pamela Davidson

Executive Director of UAFS Dental hygiene school, Pam Davidson, will cover the need to have an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation to identify conditions such as periodontal disease that my need treatment. One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease to some degree and early detection is the key to more successful treatment outcomes. We will look at risk factors, correlation with systemic disease and what to ask your dentist at your next visit. 

Wed Mar 11 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6210         H2H

Edible Landscaping
James Brandli

Plan it, plant it, eat it! James Brandli will show you how to incorporate edible plants into your landscape, not only because they taste good but they look good as well.

Wed Mar 18 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6211

Estate and Long-term Care Planning
Jamison Bonds

Attorney and elder law specialist Jamison Bonds discusses planning for longterm care and protecting your estate and assets. Topics include Medicaid and the veterans pension with aid and attendance benefits.

Wed Apr 1 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6212

Foot and Ankle Health
Dr. Evan Young

The foot and ankle are an intricate system of bones, joints and tissue that enables you to stand, walk and run pain free. But when the system is injured or diseased, mobility becomes hindered, as does life. Podiatrist Evan Young discusses common maladies of the foot and ankle and how they are treated to keep you in motion.

Wed Apr 8 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6213        H2H

Depression: How to Help
Dr. Patricia Walz

Learn to spot depression in others, how to support someone who may be going through depression, and when and how to get them the help they need. Dr. Walz is a practicing psychologist specializing in geriatrics and neuropsychology.

Wed Apr 15 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6214         H2H

Eating as You Age
Kelly Frost

A registered dietitian from Sparks Nutrition Counseling Center will discuss nutrition needs for older adults, overall healthy eating, and tips for meal planning on a budget.

Wed Apr 22 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6215      H2H

The First National Bank Building
Chuck Girard

Chuck Girard has worked at First National Bank of Fort Smith for over 40 years and has amazing insights into the history of one of Fort Smith’s oldest buildings. Learn about this landmark, from its massive vault doors to its hidden emblems.

Wed Apr 29 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6216

Listen Up: Hearing Loss Prevention
Jason Johnson

You can once again enjoy the sweet sounds of life. Join certified audiologist Jason Johnson as he discusses hearing loss, how it is diagnosed, and innovative hearing aid options to fit every patient and every budget.

Wed May 6 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6217          H2H

PAD and Leg Pain
Dr. Nasser Adjei

Do you have pain in your legs when you walk or even at rest? This could be a warning sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease. Dr. Adjei will present the symptoms and available treatment options.

Wed May 13 1-2pm $5 ECC CRN: 6218          H2H