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Online Teaching/Learning

Online teaching and learning has become more popular in recent years because many instructors and students have seen the tangible benefits.  An article by the U.S. Department of Education in 2009 demonstrated the effectiveness of distance/online learning for students in today’s environment. 

Teaching and learning can be challenging, but the benefits are worth the efforts.

The following are benefits of online learning for students:

  • Allows 24/7 access to the course materials
  • Accommodates different learning styles
  • Allows students to monitor their own learning progress and to evaluate their own learning results
  • Provides an opportunity to review the course material if necessary
  • Allows more interaction  between classmates and instructors via chat rooms and discussion groups
  • Reduces or eliminates travel time to and from campus
  • Allows students to enroll in courses when they cannot come to the campus due to scheduling conflicts

The following are benefits of online teaching for faculty:

  • Reduces workload by reusing course content and multimedia
  • Allows faculty to monitor student progress through a tracking system
  • Assists in determining which students need help and the type of help they need by analyzing quizzes and test results
  • Creates opportunities to spend additional time with individual students  needing assistance