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Courses of Study

Child Care Orientation Training "CCOT"

  • Basic orientation training for child care workers with little or no experience
  • Recommended by The Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education of the Arkansas Department of Human Services
  • 10 training hours and 1 CEU upon completion



Pre-K Framework Handbook

  • Designed to help Child Care Professionals with the use of Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework Handbook
  • 30 Training Hours & 3 CEUs upon completion



Pre-K ELLA Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas

  • Designed to provide child care professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement developmentally appropriate experiences that promote emergent literacy skills for children prior to their entry into kindergarten
  • 30 Training hours and 3 CEU'S upon completion



INDEX (Investigating, Discovering and Exploring: Math/Science for Young Children)

  • Overview of Math/Science for young children
  • Concepts and Dispositions
  • Encouraging Explorations
  • Counting and Comparing
  • Space, Shape, and Size
  • The Living and Physical World
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Avenues for Explorations
  • Learning through Projects
  • Data and Documentation
  • 30 Training hours and 3 CEU'S upon completion


Pre-K Social/Emotional Learning

  • Designed to increase early childhood educators understanding of the importance of social-emotional learning to children's overall health, development and school success, along with creating quality classroom environments, so that children will enter kindergarten ready to learn
  • 45 Training hours and 4.5 CEU'S upon completion