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Middle Level Education

Middle Level Education Overview

The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-8) with emphases in either language arts/social studies or mathematics/science. The School of Education, in partnership with the academic colleges, offers coursework in education, social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science for this program. This coursework meets Arkansas and National Middle School Association standards for teacher licensure in middle childhood.

The purpose of the Middle Childhood program is to provide highly qualified teachers for the middle (4-8) grades. The program provides a strong focus in specialized content areas as well as significant coursework in professional education. In addition to specialized coursework, the program includes general education courses to provide additional content preparation and background knowledge and skills necessary for a liberal education. As a whole, the curriculum is designed to be applicable to someone preparing to teach the early adolescent.


Program Goals and Outcomes

The goal of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Middle Childhood Education is to provide a baccalaureate program for the preparation of middle level teachers that provides:

  • An understanding of the history, philosophy, and principles of middle level education,
  • An understanding of the unique developmental characteristics and needs of the early adolescent, and
  • General educational opportunities designed to extend and enrich the basic educational experiences of all students that result in aspiring teachers who have the motivation and ability to facilitate excellence for increasing numbers of grades 4-8 students in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    Degree Requirements

  • View the Middle Childhood Education degree plan with an emphasis in Mathematics/Science

  • View the Middle Childhood Education degree plan with an emphasis in Language Arts/Social Studies.


  • Professional Learning Outcomes

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