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2013 Competition Results

1st PlaceWichita Homeschool
2nd PlaceMetro Homeschool
3rd PlaceCircle High School
4th PlacePerry High School


Robot Competition
1st PlaceWichita Homeschool
2nd PlaceMetro Homeschool
3rd PlacePanther Creek Academy
4th PlaceAmbassadors for Christ Academy


BEST Project Engineering NotebookCircle High School
BEST Marketing PresentationWichita Homeschool
BEST Team ExhibitCircle High School
BEST Spirit and SportsmanshipOKC Homeschool


Founders Award
1st PlaceMetro Homeschool
2nd PlaceWichita Homeschool
3rd PlaceAmbassadors for Christ Academy


Most Robust
1st PlaceOKC Homeschool
2nd PlaceRose Hill High School
3rd PlaceMetro Homeschool


Most Elegant
1st PlaceManteno High School
2nd PlaceSTEM Academy
3rd PlaceFort Smith Homeschool


Most Photogenic 
1st PlaceDenver East High School
2nd PlaceTulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial
3rd PlaceSt. Mary's Academy


T-Shirt Award
1st PlacePerry High School
2nd PlaceThe Manning School
3rd PlaceDenver East High School


Web Page Award
1st PlaceManteno High School
2nd PlaceChristian Schools of Springfield
3rd PlaceMetro Homeschool


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