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English with Teacher Licensure 7 - 12

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Candidates follow a specific curriculum and are expected to meet appropriate performance assessments for preservice English language arts teachers.

2. Through modeling, advisement, instruction, field experiences, assessment of performance, and involvement in professional organizations, candidates adopt and strengthen professional attitudes needed by English language arts teachers.

3. Candidates are knowledgeable about language; literature; oral, visual, and written literacy; print and nonprint media; technology; and research theory and findings.

4. Candidates acquire and demonstrate the dispositions and skills needed to integrate knowledge of English language arts, students, and teaching.


Introductory Courses- 17 hours

EDUC 2753 Introduction to Education (must have prior to admission to TEP*)

EDUC 3002 Introduction to Educational Technology (must have prior to admisssion TEP)

ENGL 2033 Cultural Studies

RHET 3203 Textual Research Methods

ENGL 3003 History and Development of the English Language

ENGL 3443 Literature of Diverse Cultures

Core Courses—9 hours

Selected from the following:

ENGL 3013 Junior Seminar: British Literature I

ENGL 3023 Junior Seminar: British Literature II

ENGL 3033 Junior Seminar: American Literature I

ENGL 3043 Junior Seminar: American Literature II

Cultural Studies Courses—3 hours

Selected from the following:

ENGL 3453 Women and Literature                              

ENGL 4903 Special Topics in Literature

ENGL 4913 Special Topics in Popular Culture

Period and Genre Courses—6 hours

Selected from the following:

ENGL 3223 The Short Story                                          

ENGL 3233 The Novel

ENGL 3243 Drama                                                         

 ENGL 3343 Poetry

ENGL 4123 Regional/Geographic Topics in Literature

ENGL 4223 17th Century British Literature               

ENGL 4243 Victorian Literature

ENGL 4773 18th Century British Literature               

ENGL 4793 20th Century American Lit 

Major Authors Studies - 3 hours

Selected from the following:

ENGL 4103 Major Author

ENGL 4203 Chaucer

ENGL 4213 Shakespeare

Methods Courses 9 hours (after admission to TEP)

ENGL 3403 Grammar and Language Awareness

ENGL 3203 Young Adult Literature

ENGL 3303 Writing and the Teaching of Writing

Capstone Course 3 hours (taken the semester prior to student internship)

ENGL 4993 Capstone

Education Courses (after admission to TEP)

FIRST SEMESTER - 5 hours                                                           

EDUC 3013 Human Development and Learning  

EDUC 3222 Practicum I


EDUC 4222 Assessment

EDUC 3022 Survey of Diverse Populations

EDUC 3612 Classroom and Behavior Management

EDUC 4211 Practicum Two

Student Internship - 12 hours

EDUC 4802 Seminar in Education

EDUC490A Teaching in the Secondary Schools


 *TEP - Teacher Education Program