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University Learning

UAFS prepares students to succeed in an ever-changing global world while advancing economic development and quality of place. Our focus is on teaching and learning. We offer multifaceted academic and technical educational opportunities.

Student Learning Vision

  • Graduates who possess and can demonstrate the university learning (general education) competencies and the learning outcomes for their academic programs.
  • An academic community that is passionate about student learning and knowledgeable about the processes that are in place to ensure learning outcomes.
  • Faculty who examine and persistently discuss which styles, strategies, experiences, and tasks are best for improving learning in a diversity of students.
  • Students who share the responsibility for and demand active engagement in their own learning from the moment they step onto the UAFS campus.
  • Real connections between classroom learning and the workplace that result in program-specific, real-world experiences that effectively prepare students for the world beyond academics.
  • Graduates who embrace change, welcome diversity, and are enthusiastically engaged in lifelong learning and who have the ability and desire to transfer those skills to the workplace and community.
  • High-quality programs with national reputations that draw students from all over the United States.
  • Faculty, staff, and students who are equal, active partners involved in the learning process and who share responsibility in achieving student competency.

Assessment of Student Learning

UAFS has clear expectations for student learning and is committed to continual assessment as the means to improving learning outcomes. Every academic program specifies educational objectives with outcomes that are measured to determine ways in which learning will be improved. Findings based on assessment objectives are used in curriculum improvement, planning, and resource allocation. A faculty-led, student-learning committee (Committee for Assessment of Learning Outcomes (CALO) coordinates assessment activities of the entire campus for the purpose of continuous improvement in learning.

University Learning Outcomes (General Education)

UAFS’s goal for students is independent lifelong learning. The development and demonstration of specific abilities in disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts are means to that end. A strong and viable general education program is central to the University’s mission. Each degree requires demonstrated proficiency by students, and the level of proficiency gained is continually assessed in order to improve student learning.