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Final Exam Schedule

Spring 2014 Final Exam Schedule for full term (16 weeks) course

Day Classes

7:00-7:50MWF, MW, WFMonday 5/5/147:00-8:50
10:00-10:50MWF, MW, WFMonday 5/5/1410:00-11:50
1:00-1:50MWF, MW, WFMonday 5/5/141:00-2:50
7:00-7:50TRTuesday 5/6/147:00-8:50
9:30-10:45**TRTuesday 5/6/149:30-11:20
12:30-1:45***TRTuesday 5/6/1412:30-2:20
8:00-8:50*MWF, MW, WFWednesday 5/7/148:00-9:50
11:00-11:50MWF, MW, WFWednesday 5/7/1411:00-12:50
2:00-2:50MWF, MW, WFWednesday 5/7/142:00-3:50
 8:00-9:15TRThursday 5/8/148:00-9:50
11:00-12:15TRThursday 5/8/1411:00-12:50
2:00-3:15TRThursday 5/8/142:00-3:50
9:00-9:50MWF, MW, WFFriday 5/9/149:00-10:50
12:00-12:50MWF, MW, WFFriday 5/9/1412:00-1:50
3:00-3:50MWF, MW, WFFriday 5/9/143:00-4:50

*      =  Includes classes which start at 7:50 a.m.
**    =  Includes classes which start at 9:00 a.m. on TR
***   =  Includes classes which start at 12 noon or 1:00 on TR

NOTE: ITC 2324 and ITC 2334 will test Saturday 5/3/14 from 9:00-12:00 noon


Evening Classes

4:00-5:15MWMonday 5/5/144:00-5:50
6:50-8:05MWMonday 5/5/146:50-8:40
Monday onlyM 4:00 start timeMonday 5/5/144:00-5:50
Monday onlyM 5:25 start timeMonday 5/5/146:00-7:50
Monday onlyM 6:50 start timeMonday 5/5/146:50-8:40
4:00-5:15***TRTuesday 5/6/144:00-5:50
6:50-8:05TRTuesday 5/6/146:50-8:40
Tuesday onlyT 4:00 start timeTuesday 5/6/144:00-5:50
Tuesday onlyT 5:25 start timeTuesday 5/6/146:00-7:50
Tuesday onlyT 6:50 start timeTuesday 5/6/146:50-8:40
5:25-6:40MWWednesday 5/7/145:25-7:15
Wednesday onlyW 4:00 start timeWednesday 5/7/144:00-5:50
Wednesday onlyW 5:25 start timeWednesday 5/7/145:25-7:15
Wednesday onlyW 6:50 start timeWednesday 5/7/147:25-9:15
5:25-6:40TRThursday 5/8/14 5:25-7:15
Thursday onlyR 4:00 start timeThursday 5/8/14 4:00-5:50
Thursday onlyR 5:25 start timeThursday 5/8/14 5:25-7:15
Thursday onlyR 6:50 start timeThursday 5/8/146:50-8:40

***  =  Includes classes which start at 3:30 on TR.

Hybrid ClassesThe final exams should be given on the day that a regular class would meet so the exam may be given on a different day but at the same time. This will prevent hybrid classes breaking into other exam times. (example: Hybrid class meets at 1:00 on Monday but the Final should be when a MWF 1:00 class tests which is Monday.
Weekend Class TimesBy arrangement with instructor.
Full online Class TimesBy arrangement with instructor during finals week.
Full  online students required to take a common final exam that is not given in the ASC should be offered the day or evening section of the final to accommodate their schedules.