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Transfer Credit Guide

UAFS participates in the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS). ACTS is a postsecondary education resource service that provides comparable course information to facilitate student transfer within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Additional information and the list of courses that transfer between institutions can be found at the ACTS website. The course descriptions of UAFS courses included in ACTS can be found in the UAFS Academic Catalog


The Transfer Credit Guide:


Upon being admitted to the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, your official transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit. Transfer credits are subject to a two-stage evaluation process. First, the Records Office will complete an initial evaluation of the transfer credit for the institution. Credits found to be eligible for general transfer may not always apply to a specific degree program. Second, the college responsible for the program of study will evaluate the transfer credit that will satisfy degree program requirements for graduation.

Transfer credit is awarded for courses in which a grade of C or higher has been earned. To count for graduation, courses must be applicable to the degree sought. Grades earned at other institutions are not calculated in the student’s grade point average at the University. Colleges within the University may review transfer grades for admissions into specific programs.

With the Transfer Credit Guide, students can view how general education courses transfer "from" and "to" UAFS from the various institutions. Using this information, students can select an institution from the list provided, and view how courses transfer. Some majors will have different requirements and/or may substitute courses for their program. It is important to work closely with the dean or faculty advisor of your major for requirements and/or substitution approvals.

Courses that are not accepted for general transfer credit include:

  • Courses from a non-accredited school, or one whose accreditation is not recognized.
  • Vocational and technical courses must relate to the major. Credit will be evaluated by the department.
  • Remedial/developmental /pre-college level courses.
  • English as a Second Language courses
  • Continuing Education and/or professional development units/courses.