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Compass Test

General Information About the Compass Test

The ACT Compass is an un-timed, computer-based examination comprised of three (3) sections that cover reading, writing, and mathematics. Individuals may be required to take the Compass for admission purposes. On average, the Compass test takes an hour per section to complete. For more information you can visit the ACT Compass web site:

You must apply for admission and be entered in the UAFS database before taking the Compass Test. If you have not applied for admission to UAFS then please apply now to avoid delays. 

Practice Compass Test

 Test preparation materials are available below:

Test Descriptions            Test Prep            Study Tips            Test Preview


Now let's take a look at some sample Compass Tests:  

Reading Sample Questions           

   Writing Sample Questions      

 Algebra Sample Questions

Pre -Algebra Sample Questions


Punctuation & Basic Mechanics Review

Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions

Commas with Introductory Elements

Commas: Fill-in-the-blanks

Comma Usage



Cost of the Compass Test

The first Compass test for admission to UA - Fort Smith is administered free of charge. The student must have a current application for admission on file prior to testing. If you have not applied for admission then please do so now. UAFS Admission

If a student wishes to retest, a re-test fee of $25 must be paid prior to testing. The cashier's office is located next to the Testing Center and takes payment in the form of: cash, debit card, credit card or check.

To have your official scores sent to another institution the fee is $5 per Compass Test score. We can pull most Compass Test scores that are less than 4 years old. 

The Compass test scores are good at UAFS for four years. If a student scores below the minimum, a fee is required for a retest within this time period.

If the student's Compass test score(s) have expired, the student will not be required to pay a retest fee for admission to UA - Fort Smith.


How to Register for the Compass Test

Come to the Testing Center located on the second floor of the Smith - Pendergraft Campus Center. If this is a retest then payment is required at the Cashier's office prior to testing. No appointment is required to take the Compass Test at UAFS. Please visit our campus while you here for the Compass test. Click here to visit our campus.

We also invite you to attend a UAFS Preview Day. Click here to learn more about our spring 2015 Preview Days.

What to Bring When you Take the Compass Test

Please bring a current official photo ID with your current legal name.

Acceptable photo ID:

  • Government issued photo ID such as an unexpired driver's license, an Arkansas ID card, or military ID
  • School ID card such as a UAFS or high school ID card
  • School ID letter with photo
  • Notarized statement with photo as outlined by ACT


  • Personal recognition of students by testing staff
  • Published photos (e.g., yearbook picture, newspaper, etc.)
  • Transcripts (even with photo)
  • Club membership cards
  • Photo credit cards
  • Additional unacceptable identification can be found on the ACT website


You may bring your own calculator, however we provide them here. We adhere to the ACT guidelines for calculators.

Compass Scores

Your score will print out upon completion of the test.  

The scores on the Compass test will not transfer to another university unless specified by that institution. Students expecting to go to another institution or intending to transfer to another school should take the National ACT, or complete their general education requirements prior to transferring. 

UAFS will accept Compass scores from another institution:

  • Test  scores must be less than four years old at the time you start classes.


UAFS will send your Compass scores to another institution:

Please download the Test Score Request Form and mail the form, and a copy of your driver's license with a check made payable to UAFS:

UAFS Testing Center
5210 Grand Ave.
Campus Center. room 205
Fort Smith, AR 72913


Call the UAFS cashier at 479.788.7060 to make payment and fax or email the form with a copy of your driver's license:

479.424.6682 (fax) (Email)

Compass Retest Policy

All students seeking admission to UA - Fort Smith receive one free Compass test in the event that he/she does not have course placement based on previous course work or acceptable ACT, SAT scores.

If a future UAFS student scores below the minimum for admission on the Compass test the student has two options:

1. A paid retest of $25 with no time delay between tests.OR

2. The student may elect for an Admission Review by the board.

Remote Compass Testing 


If you need to take the Compass at another location, for UAFS admission:

It is sometimes possible for you to test at another location to satisfy your UAFS admission test requirement.  This is called “remote testing”. Remote testing can be convenient for you if your college or university is far away.


    1. Contact Testing Services at 479.788.7682.
    2. Inform the staff person you want to take a remote test, for UAFS admission, at another location.
    3. The UAFS staff will register you for the remote test at an ACT remote testing location.
    4. Contact the ACT remote testing location near you, and ask to make an appointment.
    5. Ask the remote testing location what the fee will be, and any other requirements they may have.
    6. An unexpired photo ID is always required, so please make sure your driver’s license, passport, or state ID is current.


Click here for a map of campus.

Testing Center
5210 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 3649
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72913-3649
PHONE: (479) 788-7682
Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.