Meet the Officers

Chief Ray Ottman


Chief Ray Ottman- Ray and his wife Amy live in Fort Smith with their two sons Sean and Noah.  Ray has been Chief at UAFS since June of 2015.  Ray’s interests include baseball, Native American history and artifacts and visiting over any number of topics. 

Lt.Tiffany Johnson


Lt. Tiffany Johnson- Tiffany and her husband Trevor live in Fort Smith with their amazing son Trenton.  Tiffany is an alum of UAFS and has been with UAFS Police since 2011 and serves as the department Investigator.  Tiffany’s favorite hobby is eating and if you don’t have a large bowl of Pho, than you better be bringing her some Reese’s candy to get on her good side. 

Lt. Susan Webster


Lt. Susan Webster- Susan has been with UAFS Police since 2001 and can tell you many stories about the West Ark days and her front seat view as we transitioned into the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.  Susan enjoys cooking and cleaning (yes, cleaning), reading a good book and going to Fayetteville to call the hogs football team out to a victory.  Susan enjoys meeting and getting to know people and always has time to visit.  Susan enjoys time away from work with her family and every chance she can to find a beach.

Sergeant Meghan Janci


Sergeant Meghan Janci- Meghan has been with UAFS Police since June of 2011.  Meghan lives in Greenwood and enjoys spending time with her three children: Taylor, Trent and Tristin as well as time on a motorcycle, boat or 4 wheeler.  Meghan has an extensive background working as an investigator for different departments with a focus on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  Meghan also has a tendency to find stray pets on campus, if you see her on campus please introduce yourself as she always enjoys meeting students and visitors.

Officer Chris Thompson


Officer Chris Thompson- Chris has been with the UAFS Police Department for just over 3 years and has been in law enforcement for 22 years.  Chris is the father of two children and part owner of Martial Arts School in Fort Smith.  Chris is the department RAD Instructor.  Chris is an accomplished musician and has two albums on iTunes and a special appearance on a Joe Satriani tribute album.  Chris is a Taekwondo black belt and jiu jitsu 2015 International Champion.  Chris enjoys video games, spending time with his children and you can always make him happy by giving him Twizzlers candy.

Officer Todd Medlock


Officer Todd Medlock- Todd joined the University Police Department in 2016 after being in Law Enforcement since 1988 with Fort Smith Police and Fayetteville Police.  Todd and his wife Carole live in Alma with three of their four children, the oldest recently graduated from Vanderbilt University and now lives in California.  Todd spends any and all of his free time following his kids and their activities as well as camping trips.  Todd loves meeting new people and if you see him around campus please introduce yourself. 

Dispatcher Mona Tedford



Dispatcher Mona Tedford- Mona was born and raised in Franklin County Arkansas.  Mona spent most of her time outdoors with an appreciation for traveling and art.  After traveling through Europe and living in Germany she returned to Arkansas to raise a family on a farm.  Mona has two children and four grandchildren.  Mona has been with University Police since 2010 and always enjoys people dropping in to ask anything. 

Dispatcher Bill Hassler


Dispatcher Bill Hassler- Bill joined the University Police Department in December of 2014 after retiring from the New York City Police Department.  Bill suffered a debilitating injury on duty in November of 2015 while directing traffic at a traffic accident.  While he hung up his badge he wanted to stay on the department and he has been dispatching since.  Bill has an amazing story to tell about his experience with the attacks of 9-11-2001 and will always take the time to visit with anybody.  Rumor has it he makes a mean lasagna and can cut a rug with the best of them.  Bill and his wife Sabra live in Fort Smith and enjoy spending time exploring Northwest Arkansas together.