Presentations Types

Each student will select a presentation format based upon his or her particular field of study.  The format option are Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, and Studio and Performing Art.


Oral presentations will be allotted a total of 30 minutes which includes setup time and any question and answer period.  A SMART System is available in each presentation room. (This includes a PC/Projection capability, etc.) Students should bring their material on a flash drive or provide their own laptops to be connected into the system. Oral presentations will be scheduled on the afternoon of the symposium at the discretion of the organizing committee.  Changes to the schedule will not be made to accommodate any individual presenters.  As such, each presenter is responsible for keeping his or her scheduled time. 

Poster presentations should be sized according to the standards imposed by your area of research. All posters must state the names of the student and faculty sponsor on the back of the poster.  The posters will be displayed for up to two hours, during which time the student must be present to discuss his or her work. Posters should either be freestanding or presenters must provide means to support the poster (e.g. easel).  In addition to posters representing research from specific colleges (Education, Health Sciences, etc.), the symposium also welcomes posters detailing civic engagement projects or those that involve forging connections between students, the University, and the community.

Studio art includes works from the fields of ceramics, sculpture, photography, painting, or other forms of visual communication.   Art must be mounted, matted, framed, or otherwise displayed in a professional manner.  Students must be present for a two-hour period to discuss their work.

Performing art is any musical or theatrical performance, no more than 15 minutes in length.  The performance will be recorded and presented as a viewing, rather than performed live, so the student must specify a description of equipment needed to view the recording.  Please note these requirements when submitting an application and abstract.  Each student will be required to be present for a two-hour session to discuss his or her work while it is being presented.