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The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith has made dramatic progress in academic excellence, community outreach and economic development.  At the same time, the institution has controlled expenses by creating efficiencies, cutting costs, raising revenues from private and federal sources and keeping tight rein on its overall budget.

Cost containment has become part of the UAFS culture for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s the right thing to do.  We owe it to our students and those who underwrite the institution with their tax dollars to be good stewards.  Two, it’s a necessity.  While grateful for state resources allotted UAFS, state support  per student has declined by approximately $1,400 per student per year over the last ten years.

We have consolidated resources, examined and reengineered business practices, and implemented process efficiencies to more effectively use available funds and contain costs. The result is that we’ve become leaner, operating on fewer state dollars and the lowest tuition of the state’s Universities

Our efforts to contain costs are guided by the following principles:

·       Seek first to minimize adverse impact on the students

·       Continue to invest in core strengths of the University

·       Focus resources on our core mission of teaching, and public service

·       Achieve efficiency without compromising excellence

·       Carefully manage resources to enhance a world-class student experience

·       Reduce the cost and complexity of administrative operations

·       Use the best technology available to contain costs and increase efficiency

The links below provide detail on specific cost containment strategies and results.  Many are ongoing.  Some have run their course, but all have contributed cost cuts or cost avoidance.

All share a responsibility for effective and efficient use of the dollars available to UAFS.  If you have a suggestion, take it to your dean or vice chancellor.or refer it to the Vice Chancellor for University Relations ( who will refer it for appropriate staff evaluation.

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