Brand & Message

Our Brand: 

The UAFS brand is more than the UAFS logo, the UAFS mission statement or our UAFS merchandise. Our brand is the perception people in Fort Smith and around the world have when they hear or read “The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith.”


Our brand is what we mean to the people we serve. It’s what makes us different from other universities and other businesses. And, by providing this toolbox to those who communicate on behalf of this institution, we hope to increase awareness of the UAFS brand around the globe.


Our Message:

The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith prepares students for success through a variety of educational environments, both online and offline, focused on real-world learning experiences  led by an excellent faculty. The university is a key driver of economic development and quality of place in the greater Fort Smith region. 



UAFS will be a national model for preparing students for workforce mobility through education and professional development while serving as the thought leader in the region for workforce training.



UAFS prepares students to succeed in an ever-changing global world while advancing economic development and quality of place.