Content Management

Over the years UAFS has used different systems to manage its website content in different ways. Under our current system, a few designated editors control the updating of all university websites. Department-level editors are responsible for maintaining department-level pages, keeping them current and following a page review timeline. Marketing-level editors control the editing of the remainder of the pages. Marketing-level pages are designed with special elements to help them function better on mobile devices.


To make changes to the marketing-level pages or menu items, please follow the steps below to submit a Web Request to Marketing via ServiceNow:


Login to ServiceNow.


Click on the Service Catalog.Self-Service Menu


Select Web Request from the Marketing & Communications section in the lower right corner of your screen.Marketing menu of ServiceNow


Fill out the appropriate information and add any attachments needed for this project.

Also include any deadline need for these changes.


For PDF instructions on how to use ServiceNOW and filing a ServiceNOW request with the marketing department, click here:Web request infographic


If you are new to web content management, or would like to review the web policies and guidelines, please view them here: Web Guidelines