UAFS Graphic Standards


As collegiate faculty and staff, you depend upon communication in order to maintain the highest levels of academic and professional excellence. We endeavor to present a uniform style in all of our many publications and electronic media, a style that is characterized not only by its power to convey messages effectively, but also by its consistency.


Please review the rules below before using the university logos. For a more detailed guide, download the UAFS Graphic Standards Manual when using the UAFS official trademarked and registered logos.

Graphic Standards Manual download

University Name

The appearance and correct punctuation of the institution’s name are important standards in all written material. For external audiences, spell out the complete name of the institution the first time you refer to it, unless the context and nature of the document require an abbreviation (e.g., an advertisement): University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. Please note that the complete name includes a space, a hyphen and a space. Use a hyphen, not a dash.

Approved Names

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (used only in legal documents)


Do Not Use

U of A
UA-Fort Smith
U.A. Fort Smith
UA Fort Smith


Color Standards

The university's official colors are navy blue and white, which may be accented with burgundy.

Our Pantone colors are blue 295 and burgundy 202. Avoid the liberal use of burgundy, as it is closely associated with other universities within the UA System; it is an accent color only.


Primary Color Palette


Our secondary Pantone colors are gold 465 (the gold in the lion logo) and cyan. These colors can be used with the primary blue color as accent colors.


Secondary Color Palette


University Logos

There are two official UAFS logos, a horizontal and a "square" version. These variations are shown here. Please download the UAFS Graphic Standards Manual to learn how to use the logo properly. We strongly recommend that you contact university Marketing & Communications when using official logos, whether you are a client on our campus or a vendor in the community. The graphic designers will be happy to assist you in logo usage and review. 


(Logos can be downloaded on the Logo Downloads page in the University Relations Toolbox.)



Approved University Logos 1Approved University Logos 2


Athletics has a logo that includes the lion. The lion head can also be utilized separately with permission and review from Marketing & Communications.


Approved Athletics Logos 1


Approved Athletics Logos 2


For more information about logos – such the UAFS seal or the use of alternative versions of the UAFS logo on promotional items – view or download the UAFS Graphic Standards Manual.


Don't use an incorrect version of the white Lion Head Logo.

Do not reverse the colors of the logo. Remember, the lion's face should always be light with the mane dark. Shown below is an incorrect, reversed-color logo and the correct version.

incorrect versus correct white lion head logos


Logo Use and Placement

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when using the official UAFS logos. Please do not recreate the logos for any publication. If you have any questions about how to use the logos, contact Marketing & Communications and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Incorrect Logos


Don’t Use Retired Logos

Never use any of the older versions of the university’s logos. If you are using any of the logos below in any of your signage or marketing materials, please contact Marketing & Communications and we will help you to get updated materials.


Retired Logos



Producing Materials with the UAFS Logo and/or Colors

If you are producing materials on your own, you are responsible for ensuring that the university is correctly represented on all forms of media you purchase. Such items include but are not limited to the following:

    •    promotional items (pens, table covers, banners, etc.)
    •    newsletters
    •    signage
    •    name badges
    •    T-shirts

To ensure that your item complies with university standards for font type, image use and layout, please contact the office of Marketing & Communications ( for review. We will be happy to assist you in producing high-quality materials that reflect your goals as a department and our image as a university. For more information, please review or download the UAFS Graphic Standards Manual.


College and Department Logo Design and Usage

Official logos are legally protected trademarks and are only created for official colleges and departments. The individual logos follow a standard format based on the university’s MAIN registered logo and may not be altered for size, font, text, or shape. Use of the lion head logo is restricted to Athletics and certain Registered Student Organization use only. All academic departments are required to use a logo based off the official university logo; academically focused RSOs are encouraged to do the same.


All official logos should only be reproduced from authorized original illustrations from Marketing & Communications personnel. The images should not be redrawn or otherwise modified in any way. Please do not stretch or distort a university logo; always resize proportionately. You are strongly encouraged to contact Marketing & Communications when using official logos, whether you are a client on our campus or a vendor in the community. The graphic designers will be happy to assist you in logo usage standards and approvals.


Approved logo format for UAFS College logos (example):

CAST logo


Approved logo format for UAFS Department logos (example):

Financial Aid logo