UAFS Zenfolio Archive Access

All photographs taken by the UAFS Marketing & Communications office are organized and stored in an online Zenfolio photography archive with restricted access. If the marketing photographer has taken photos of your event, the person who put in the ServiceNow for the event will receive an email with a link and password once the photos are processed and uploaded to Zenfolio. You may view and download photos with the Zenfolio service.


To request the password for a specific Zenfolio gallery, email Marketing with your credentials and, if possible, the name of the gallery to which you need access. 


Once empoyees have access to their Zenfolio galleries, they may wish to select and send specific photos to a Marketing designer for use in marketing materials that we are creating for them. For a step-by-step guide to selecting photographs and organizing them into specific folders for Marketing's use, click the image below to download a PDF tutorial:



Zenfolio image link


RULES FOR USING THE ZENFOLIO ARCHIVE: Please remember, this archive is for internal purposes only and should not be shared externally. The archive is not intended to function as a social sharing mechanism, but as a digital filing system. If you use any photos from the Zenfolio galleries in a designed piece that did not come through Marketing for design, you must send a pdf of your design through Marketing's review and approval process.


For information on requesting a photographer, click here.