Public Information Guide

The Public Information Office oversees the creation and dissemination of written communications to the media and public through both press releases and social media. Additionally, the office serves as the liaison between university employees, students and the media.


Press Releases

The Public Information Office oversees the dissemination of press releases to local, state and national media on campus events, programs, and general news pertaining to the university.


A press release is a written piece of communication directed to members of the media to make them aware of a newsworthy topic.

Submit a press release request, fill out the Press Release Suggestion Form.
Suggestions can be for general stories or for event publicity.

When needing to publicize an event, please keep the following in mind:

  • The PI Office prefers five weeks’ notice for publicizing events through press releases but requires at least three weeks’ notice. The earlier a press release is distributed, the better chance of publicity from local media outlets.
  • Any requests for event publicity made after the three-week deadline may be declined due to lack of resources but may still be publicized through the office’s other outlets (See “Other Forms of Publicity”).
  • The PI Office will only publicize upcoming events to the community if they are open for the community to attend. If an event is closed to the community, it would best be publicized through internal communications avenues on campus (for example, Campus Announcements).


Other Forms of Publicity

In addition to press releases, the PI Office distributes a weekly advisory to the media, notifying them of events occurring on campus that week, and also oversees the Grand Avenue marquee and the university’s social media accounts (UAFS and UAFS Newsroom). If someone notifies the office of an event past the three-week deadline, or if the event is not deemed newsworthy, the office can use these other alternatives to promote the event.


Media Relations

The Public Information Office serves as the liaison between the campus community and the media. If contacted directly by the media, employees on campus should contact the PI Office, who will coordinate interviews or other miscellaneous requests.


When speaking to the media, keep the following in mind:

  • Give succinct but informative answers: Speak in short, easily quotable soundbites that convey relevant information. Don’t ramble.
  • If a television interview, appearance matters: Make sure you dress appropriately for television interviews.
  • There is no such thing as “off the record”: If you don’t want something reported by the media, don’t say it.