Web Guidelines

These policies are intended for use by all web content managers at UAFS – anyone who has permission to create or modify websites or web pages on uafs.edu.

  • Review and update. All UAFS offices that have content management permissions should review their department pages regularly for currency and accuracy. An overall review should be done at least once per semester; monthly spot checks are recommended. Any substantive change to an individual page should trigger a review of related pages and links.
  • Uploading documents. Only PDF documents may be uploaded to university web pages. Documents with file extensions ppt, pptx, txt, doc and docx (Microsoft Word documents) may not uploaded.
  • Departmental files. All files for a given department must be loaded into the department’s folder. No files will be allowed to reside in the root folder or in the root user folder. Any files found in root folders will be moved to an Orphan Files folder, thus breaking any links previously set up.
  • Hyperlinks. Any hyperlink that would redirect the user away from the uafs.edu site is to be directed to open in another tab.
  • Videos. All videos must be submitted to the Marketing office for approval and will be uploaded to the UAFS YouTube account for streaming to your page.
  • Style and quality. All web content must be written and designed in compliance with the university’s editorial and visual style guidelines and logo standards. These guidelines, as well as policies for the use of photography and other marketing services, are located in the Marketing and Communications section of the website.
  • Editing note. All web editing must be done from the site on which you are approved, using the Admin login in the footer of the website or web page.
  • ADA Compliance. To be allowed to use images and tables on your webpages, you must complete a mandatory ADA video training session and pass the compliance test with an 80 percent score or better. Once you have completed the test you will be able to download a certification that must be submitted to the web administrator.


For concerns regarding website policies, please email Jason McGee, web administrator, at jason.mcgee@uafs.edu.