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Arts and Sciences | AlumniJune 21, 2022

Roberson '22 Landed Dream Job Following Graduation

Written By: Samantha Contreras

When Blakelynn Roberson was a child, she admired her mother in uniform before heading to work as a corrections officer at a prison in Phoenix, Arizona. When Roberson was old enough, the stories her mother told her inspired her to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in Criminal Justice.

Roberson enrolled at UAFS in the fall of 2018. By sophomore year, she discovered a passion for helping children within the juvenile justice system.

“After taking a couple of courses at UAFS, I realized I wanted to be a caseworker,” said Roberson. “I wanted to help juveniles that didn’t get the chances that most other children could in their life.” 

During the fall semester of her senior year, Roberson interned at Comprehensive Juvenile Services, Inc. This non-profit organization helps juveniles receive the skills and resources needed to succeed in life.

By the spring semester, she had opened her first case as an intern for CJS. After graduating in May, she was hired at the CJS office in Van Buren.

Roberson, who balances 10 cases, said she gets to see firsthand how children are affected by family issues within the juvenile justice system. 

She says she meets with clients weekly, creates customized case plans, and works closely with families in need.

“My classes in the UAFS criminal justice program taught me a lot going into my career,” Roberson continued. “Once I started working, all I had to learn was the paperwork.”

While at UAFS, Roberson would wake up to go to class each morning and then head to the night shifts that would help her pay for school. 

The nights she didn’t work serving tables, she would cram to study for her exams and do all of her homework. 

She also balanced her commitment as a leader to the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and her internship at CJS.

“It was hard, but the staff on campus, like Dr. Terisa Riley, Dave Stevens, and Jennifer Holand, helped me whenever I had issues,” said Roberson. “Because of people like them, I can do my dream job.”