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NewsMarch 11, 2022

Campus Message: Pivot to Remote Operations


Due to severe winter weather moving in more heavily and rapidly than National Weather Service modeling predicted, the university will close campus and pivot to remote operations beginning at noon Friday, March 11, 2022.

The campus will begin shutting down on-site operations at noon, and employees who are able to work from home should be prepared to work remotely for the remainder to the day.

Academic classes will transition to remote delivery at the discretion of faculty.

Faculty who have Friday afternoon classes: Please communicate your expectations to your students via university email or Blackboard Learning System as soon as you are able.

Students: Please diligently check your university email and Blackboard portal to ensure you do not fall behind in your coursework.

As during all remote transitions, the Boreham library’s 24-hour lab, campus housing and the Lion’s Den dining hall will remain open, and only essential safety staff such as university police will report to campus, with all other instruction and operations continuing remotely.

Some employees may not be able to work remotely – either due to the nature of their jobs or extenuating weather-based circumstances, and for those individuals inclement weather leave will remain available.

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
University of Arkansas - Fort Smith