The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has a formula for helping first-time, full-time college students start their campus life filled with confidence, appreciation of traditions and an understanding of what to expect.

The formula, according to Dave Stevens, UAFS director of campus involvement and adviser for the event, is called Cub Camp.

“It’s how freshmen say goodbye to high school and hello to college life,” Stevens said. “It’s the first phase of becoming a UAFS ‘Lion,’ and it’s as educational as it is fun.”

"Every student who attends Cub Camp leaves with a collection of memories that will last a lifetime," Stevens said.

Cub Camp for 2013 is Aug. 15-18. Stevens says it will be different from previous versions.

“This year we will host Michael Hingson, the number one New York Times best-selling author and an internationally-acclaimed inspirational speaker,” Stevens said. “Hingson, who’s been blind since birth, survived the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the New York World Trade Center with the help of his guide dog, Roselle.”

Stevens said that Hingson recounted his escape from the disaster in “Thunderdog,” the title of the book and the nickname for Hingson’s guide dog which led him down 78 flights of stairs to safety and survival.

Hingson will speak to incoming freshmen on Aug. 17 from 1:15-2:30 p.m. in Breedlove Auditorium.

“I believe that our incoming freshmen need a guide during the transition from high school to college just as much as people who are caught in dangerous situations need a guide,” Stevens said. “They need someone they can trust. Our Cub Camp staff, faculty, directors, chairs, namesakes and counselors can be those guides that freshmen can trust.”

Stevens said Cub Camp has partnered with the UAFS Alumni Office to bring about awareness of the campus traditions that make the university unique and help build a sense of belonging in campus life.

“This promises to be our best year ever for Cub Camp,” Stevens said. "We have a fantastic staff of upperclassmen to work with freshmen. Their dedication to academics, leadership and involvement on campus will serve as great examples to our freshmen campers. Cub Camp participants learn about UAFS traditions and join in fun, get-acquainted activities that prepare them for college life and ease the transition from high school to college."

Stevens explained that Cub Camp is organized into four individual camps, each named for a staff or faculty member who serves as a “namesake.” This year’s namesakes are Danielle Jolie of Fort Smith, professional adviser in the office of Student Advisement and Career Planning; Meighan Pendergrass of Fort Smith, director of campus recreation and wellness; Brittany Slamons of Fort Smith, director of student support services; and Susan Whitlow of Huntington, assistant professor of English and advising coordinator.

The Cub Camp student directors are responsible for overseeing the activities of the program. Cub Camp chairs are usually upperclassmen who coordinate activities within the individual camps, and Cub Camp counselors have face-to-face activities with incoming freshmen.


Fifty-six UAFS students have been selected for leadership roles in activities for this year's Cub Camp. They include:

Alma: Joseph Pope, counselor.

BarlingBrittany Christian, counselor, and Phillip Smith, counselor.

Bentonville: Ryan Spooner, counselor.

Charleston: Brook Slaton, counselor, and Audra White, counselor.

Evansville: LeAnn Winningham, chair.

Fayetteville: Stephany Nelson, counselor.

Fort Smith: Curtis B. Adams III, chair; Dax Boyd, counselor; Daniel Byrne, counselor; Daniel Calvery, counselor; Chelsea Elsken, counselor; Dalton Flaspohler, counselor; Clara Jean Gramlich, counselor; Zack Gramlich, counselor; Nawar Hudefi, counselor; Shaden Jedlicka, counselor; Patricia Lopez, counselor; Spencer Null, counselor; Will Paget, counselor; Daniel Schwartz, counselor; Amber Shores, director; Grant Tyra chair; Linda Vichith, counselor; Chelsea West, counselor; Brock Williams, chair, and Coy Wineland, counselor.

Gans, Okla.: Audra Rhodes, chair.

Gravette: Christina Lovell, counselor.

Greenwood: Annsley Garner, counselor; Brianna Hicks, chair, and Jesse Watson, director.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Linh Nguyen, counselor.

Hartman: Stacy Bowen, counselor, and Greg Stricklin, counselor.

Hot Springs: Michael Kladis, counselor.

Huntington: Brian Rauser, counselor, and Zachary Lawrence, counselor.

Lamar: James Corey Woodard, counselor.

Lavaca: Daymon Scott, counselor, and Garett Scott, counselor.

Little Rock: Jasmine Wright, counselor.

Mansfield: Kayla Bridges, counselor, and Jasmine Hattabaugh, director.

Morrilton: Ben Gipson, counselor.

Mountainburg: Jessica James, counselor, and Courtney Wasko, chair.

Muldrow, Okla.: Macey Casher, counselor.

NorforkBlake Faulkner, counselor.

Ozark: Maebry Halmes, chair.

Roland, Okla.: Trent Thompson, chair.

Rose Bud: Samantha Jo Anderton, counselor.

Spiro, Okla.: Domanique Johnson, counselor.

Springdale: Elizabeth Ellenbarger, counselor.

Waldron: James Bates, counselor.


For more information about Cub Camp, contact Stevens at 479.788.7696 or


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Monday, May 20, 2013
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The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith has a formula for helping first-time, full-time college students start their campus life filled with confidence, appreciation of traditions and an understanding of what to expect.