WATC award winnersStudents attending the Western Arkansas Technical Center at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith have been recognized for superior achievement in a special awards ceremony which included the announcement of Outstanding WATC Students, Starfish Awards, Director’s Honor Roll, SkillsUSA Gold Star Members.


Outstanding WATC Students


The Outstanding WATC Students included students attending classes on the UAFS campus as well as students from the programs offered by WATC in a satellite center located on the Waldron High School campus.


Recipients were:


Alma: Ryder Chang, Alma High School, Graphic Design;and Alec Hewitt, Van Buren High School, Pre-Engineering.


Barling: Bonnie Herrera, Southside High School, Criminal Justice.


Charleston: Breanna Blair, Charleston High School, Early Childhood Education.


Fort Smith: Crystal Estrada, Southside High School, General Health; Hilda Flores, Northside High School, Computer Graphic Technology; Luke Greenfield, Southside High School, Information Technology; Jose Montes, Southside High School, Computer Engineering; Abigail Morrow, Southside High School, Advanced Health; and Ignacio Quezada, Northside High School, Electronics Technology.


Greenwood: Caleb Erskine, Greenwood High School, Welding Technology.


Waldron: Marissa Diaz, Waldron High School, Health Science.


To be nominated for outstanding student awards, students must have a minimum of 3.00 cumulative grade point average at UAFS, have completed a minimum of one semester and be currently enrolled in the program for which the award is given, be eligible to walk in their high school graduation for the current year, be in good standing with the WATC program and have demonstrated honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic.


Along with a plaque, outstanding WATC students received a $500 book scholarship to continue their education at UAFS.


WATC Starfish Awards


WATC Starfish Awards were presented to students who exceeded expectations, exuded passion for the WATC program and helping peers succeed, and demonstrated exemplary leadership skills. A $500 book scholarship to UAFS was also presented to each winner.


Recipients were:


Fort Smith: Micah Galvan, Southside High School; Evelyn Hernandez, Northside High School; and Racquel Lamproe, Northside High School.


Ratcliff: William Randolph, County Line High School.


WATC Director's Honor Roll


WATC Director's Honor Roll Awardswere presented to 100 students who exhibited outstanding academic achievement with a grade point average higher than 3.75 while attending WATC classes.


Recipients were:


Alma: Parker Battles, Laina Brasuell, Ryder Cline, Dylan Dean, William Fuell, Morgan Lindsey and Joslyn Scruggs, Alma High School.


Barling: Joshua Thomason, Southside High School.


Booneville: Debbie Robertson, Booneville High School.


Charleston: Chloe Warren-Saldivar, Charleston High School.


Coal Hill: Michaela Krachey, Ozark High School.


Delaware: Josiah Pierce, Paris High School.


Fort Smith: Tony Avillion, Evelyn Juarez and Matthew Sanders, Greenwood High School; Alexsia Banks, Erica Cervantes, Miguel Chavez, Christina Chiamsachang, Evelyn Hernandez, Lillian Hilburn, Jala Jones, Jasmine Joseph, Racquel Lamproe, Huy Le, Johnathan Martinez, Tarnell McCray, Andi Phengbouthdy, Ignacio Quezada, James Sangster, Christ Soumpounot, Jessica Tran, Mamdouh Yasin and Keila Zarate, Northside High School; Emily Birkner, Joshua Cormier, Alexa Franklin-Benac, Taylor Gould, Luke Greenfield, Brooklyn Gregory, Fernando Gutierrez, Sydney Jacimore, Gunner Labyer, Alexandria Maechling, Jose Montes, Abigail Morrow, Madison Needham, Shawn Phan, Ashley Winston and Ashley Wright, Southside High School; and Madeline Salinas, Van Buren High School.


Greenwood: Reid Carter, Karina Labrada, Addison McCauley, Trevor Nixon, Kendra Taylor and Samantha Vanderford, Greenwood High School.


Hackett: Ashley Banos and Morgan Chronister, Hackett High School; and Jessica Caple, Greenwood High School.


Hartford: Auston Kazy and Daryl Smith, Hartford High School.


Huntington: Samantha Brand, Mansfield High School.


Lavaca: Ashley Brown and Joseph Melton, Lavaca High School.


Mansfield: Karolyn Manas, Mansfield High School.


Mountainburg: Ashley Hintze, Mountainburg High School.


Mulberry: Tanner Wilkins and Parker Work, Alma High School; Tristan Harris and James Whitley, Mulberry High School.


Natural Dam: Kimberly Brown, Cedarville High School.


Ozark: Vickie Cone and Hunter Hudson, Ozark High School.


Paris: Thomas Grisham, Alma High School; Zarrexx Sloan, Paris High School.


Parks: Dylan Bliss, Waldron High School.


Ratcliff: William Randolph, County Line High School.


Uniontown: Chase Rose, Cedarville High School.


Van Buren: Alec Hewitt, Alma High School;Toni Jones, Cedarville High School; Rebecca Wootton, Charleston High School; Sarah Barnice, Cynthia Garcia, Cecilia Gonzalez, Alexandra Koleszar, Mikyla Osman and Mariah Stevens, Van Buren High School.


Waldron: Ashley Austin, Heaven Bowles, Megan Davis, Stevie Duncan, Alma Flores, Brittany Galinato, Emily Hale, Taylan Henderson, Trixy Ledesma, Charlie Martin, Dylan Self and Alex Shaddon, Waldron High School.


SkillsUSA Gold Star Members


SkillsUSA Gold Star Members are students who earned more than 25 participation points throughout the school year. Students collect point by attending SkillsUSA functions and volunteering in the community. These students earned a $300 book scholarship to UAFS.


Recipients were:


Booneville: Debbie Robertson, Booneville High School.


Fort Smith: Abigail Morrow, Southside High School; and Ignacio Quezada, Northside High School.


Greenwood:Trevor Nixon, Greenwood High School.


The Western Arkansas Technical Center at UAFS is an area secondary center serving a five-county area. WATC provides area high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn college credits in automotive technology, computer graphic technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, electronics technology, engineering, graphic design, health sciences, information technology and welding technology.


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Monday, May 11, 2015
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