Don Bailey

Don Bailey

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith will host a Music Faculty Showcase at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 at The Blue Lion at UAFS Downtown, located at 101 N. 2nd St. The event will feature various members of the UAFS music faculty presenting a variety of vocal and instrumental music in a variety of styles and genres.


Dr. Christopher Barrick, head of the Department of Music and Theatre, said the event is a great chance to showcase his music instructors.


“The Music Faculty Showcase is a chance, one that we have twice per year, for our music instructors to demonstrate that in addition to being fine classroom teachers, they are also professional performers,” Barrick said.


For more information on the music faculty showcase, contact Barrick at or 479.788.7547


Amy Fairbanks, University Relations Coordinator
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Friday, August 26, 2016
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