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Presleigh Webb (left) with co-host DC Basham. 

Presleigh Webb’s dream is to move to Nashville to make her name in the country music industry.


The media communications major from Benton took a step towards that goal when she began a job with the local country music station KCTS, where she co-hosts a morning show, “DC In the Morning with Lil P.”


“I have a passion for music and have for 11 years. I figured this would be right up my alley, and it is,” Webb said. “This will be very beneficial to what I want to do after college. In the music business industry, it's all about experience. This is such a cool opportunity for me because I have such a passion for it.”


On the show, Webb and her co-host discuss country music and happenings in the Fort Smith area. She also has a segment where she takes to the streets of Fort Smith and asks residents random questions.


She said the job has “opened her eyes” to the radio industry.


“Anything regarding the music business industry has been the dream since I was 7. But having this job has also opened my eyes to radio,” she said. “For so long, I have been so closed-minded to wanting to do the same thing in the industry and being in radio has opened my eyes to a whole other aspect of the industry I hadn't considered. Now that I am in it, I think it might be what I want to do, because I love my job that much and hate clocking out.”


Webb fostered a passion for music from an early age, which led to her interest in radio. 


“It’s all I've ever known. From my dad's band practices in a local band to my first cousin being in the industry, it's what I grew up around and what I think I am set out to do,” she said.


It was sheer luck that led Webb to choose to attend UAFS – and, subsequently, secure her job as a morning co-host. When considering schools, she wrote several colleges down on a piece of paper and blindly chose one.


“I didn’t know anyone here, but I was excited for a new start not knowing anyone,” she said. “I love UAFS because of the smaller campus and friends I have made here.”


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Article by John Post, Director of Public Information
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Friday, November 10, 2017
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