geraldo jaso nacif
Gerardo Jaso Nacif

Gerardo Jaso Nacif, a professor of the prestigious school Colegio Madrid and eco-photographer for the prominent Mexican newspaper La Jornada, will visit UAFS for a lecture at 11 a.m. Nov. 27 in the theater of Windgate Art & Design, located at 535 N. Waldron Road.


The presentation, which is free and open to the public, seeks to inform and enlighten students on his view of the ecology of Mexico and how his work as photographer visiting various important natural habitats of his country has affected his teaching. The talk will be in Spanish with short English translations.


“Bringing Professor Jaso Nacif to campus is part of the process of modernizing our World Languages curriculum, a process which has been the focus of our department for the last two years,” said Dr. Mary Sobhani, head of the World Languages Department. “We're delighted to sponsor his presentation at UAFS on such a timely topic. This initiative springboards from the eco-literature course that we are offering this semester, a course which focuses on the environment and how it is portrayed through written text.” 


Taught by Dr. Rosario Nolasco-Schultheiss, assistant professor of world languages, the course seeks to offer comparative approaches to building ecological awareness.


“Professor Jaso Nacif’s work is relevant, not only because of its aesthetics and environmental resonance, but also because his photographic work pertaining to the Maya area of Mexico is accompanied by narratives in both Spanish and Maya Quiche. This is a noteworthy move by La Jornada signifying both mainstream re-emergence of indigenous languages and cultures and the recognition that their ancestral cosmovision is one of egalitarian respect to all of nature.”


For more information contact Dr. Rosario Nolasco-Schultheiss at 479 788-7970, or at


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Monday, November 12, 2018
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