Lion Pride Patrol

The Lion Pride Patrol is a division of the University Police Department that is comprised entirely of student workers. These students work as Community Service Officers and respond to assist the University Police Department in lower priority calls to allow the University Police Officers more time to respond to calls that require police action.

The types of calls for service that a Lion Pride Patrol Officer typically responds to include vehicle assists, such as jump-starts and lock-outs, opening doors for faculty and staff, reserving parking spaces for events. Lion Pride Patrol Officers also function as a force multiplier during large events to assist with crowd control and traffic direction.
The Officers of the Lion Pride Patrol work under the direct supervision of a University Police Officer and are never tasked with duties that would normally be assigned to a certified law enforcement officer. Lion Pride Patrol Officers patrol the campus on foot, bicycles, and electric/gas powered carts.
Students interested in employment with the University Police Lion Pride Patrol should fill out a student employment application with the Financial Aid Department located on the second floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center.