Are you guys “real” cops?

Yes. UA Fort Smith Police Officers have the same authority, powers of arrest, and must meet the same training requirements as any other police officer in the state of Arkansas.

I got a ticket. What do I do about it?

University citations can be paid at the Cashier’s Desk on the second floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center. If you have any questions about your citation, e-mail them to upd@uafortsmith.edu. Municipal citations must be paid and appealed at the Sebastian County courthouse.

I am a visitor. Where can I park on campus?

All marked parking spaces are available to anyone who wishes to park in them. Restrictions include handicap spaces and spaces clearly marked as reserved for faculty or a special event.

I think I lost my cell phone on campus. Do you guys have it?

Any property that is found on campus is turned in to the Box Office located on the first floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center. Stop by and ask them or call at 788-7300.

Will it be safe if I park my car on campus overnight?

Any vehicle left on campus overnight is the responsibility of the owner. While UA Fort Smith Police Officers patrol the campus regularly, we can’t be everywhere at once.