Parking and Traffic Policies


  1. A vehicle is defined as a motorized means of transportation that is licensed by the state (if applicable) and must adhere to all state and campus regulations. Vehicles may not drive on sidewalks unless approved by University Police.
  2. Anyone who utilizes University parking facilities, including but not limited to, faculty, staff and students, must have a current UAFS parking permit visible and properly displayed and shall be responsible for the registered vehicle and any citation(s) issued to that vehicle.
  3. If a vehicle receives a citation while parked on the UAFS campus and it has not been properly registered, the owner of that vehicle shall be responsible for the citation.
  4. The University shall assume no liability or responsibility for any vehicle parked on campus property.
  5. Motorcycles and scooters are subject to the regulation governing motor vehicles.
  6. The owner of a disabled vehicle located in a parking lot shall notify the Parking Program Office or the University Police Office within 30 minutes of the disability or the vehicle is subject to be towed and/or ticketed at the owner's expense. The owner of a disabled vehicle parked improperly shall be responsible for moving the vehicle within 24 hours. A disabled vehicle on the roadway must be moved as soon as a wrecker or other appropriate means can be employed.
  7. Any repairs made to vehicles which will create a nuisance, safety hazard, or cause property damage shall not be performed on campus. Violators are subject to revocation of parking privileges and permit.
  8. Anyone who needs temporary parking for a trailer should contact the Parking Program Office or the University Police to make appropriate arrangements.
  9. A red curb and/or sign designates a fire zone, and no parking is permitted. Loading and/or unloading is only allowed where indicated by the appropriate signage.
  10. Warning violations will be issued the first week of classes of each semester to vehicles without permits and that have not been previously issued a parking citation. Exceptions are handicap spaces, loading zones and unauthorized parking areas.
  11. A UAFS parking permit is required in order to utilize University parking facilities.
  12. A vehicle shall be registered to one person only.


  1. Visitors parking on campus shall obtain and display a visitor permit on their vehicle.  Visitor permits may be obtained prior to campus arrival by contacting the Parking Program Office via email at, or the University Police via email at They can also be picked up in person at the Parking Program Office, Room 231-C, in the Campus Center or at the University Police office in the 51st Annex building.
  2. Whenever possible, the host, whether student, faculty or administrator, should obtain visitor parking permits for guests.
  3. University Police shall provide visitor permits to event coordinators when requested. An event coordinator should contact the Parking Program Coordinator via email at or University Police for specific instructions at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  4. Visitor parking permits are valid for a maximum of three (3) days unless otherwise specified by University Police.

Operation of Vehicle

  1. Observe all campus traffic and parking signs. Posted signs shall supersede this written policy.
  2. The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 mph. Violators are subject to University citation.
  3. State and city motor vehicle and traffic laws are included in the University's motor vehicle regulations governing the use of vehicles on the University's campus.
  4. No one is permitted to drive around or over any barricade erected to control traffic or parking, or to alter, deface, remove or destroy any traffic or parking control device.
  5. A vehicle operator shall comply with instructions given by a University Police Officer (voice, gesture or whistle).
  6. Vehicles shall not be parked against the flow of traffic.

Parking Areas

  1. Resident student parking is permitted only in areas designated as "resident student parking". A resident parking permit (orange in color) is required in those areas (Sebastian Commons). A resident is defined as a student who is assigned to University housing.
  2. Resident parking is restricted 24 hours a day and a resident parking permit shall be required.
  3. Commuter student parking is permitted only in areas designated for "commuter student parking" (green in color). A displayed permit is required in these areas. A commuter student is defined as a student who resides off campus and commutes to the University for classes.
  4. Faculty/Staff & Commuter student parking is restricted 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday unless otherwise posted.
  5. Faculty and Staff parking is permitted in areas designated as "Faculty and Staff parking" or commuter student. A faculty/staff permit (blue in color) is required in these areas.
  6. Only vehicles with a state issued physically disabled license plate or hang tag shall park in designated physically disabled spaces.  A UAFS parking permit is also required. 
  7. Visitor parking is designated for visitors only from 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday unless otherwise posted. Any vehicle with a non-visitor permit displayed shall not park in visitor parking and shall be subject to citation for parking in an area designated for others.
  8. If a UAFS student who resides in University housing is a member of the immediate family of a UAFS employee with a faculty/staff permit, he/she may not park that registered vehicle in resident student areas.
  9. No vehicle shall display more than one current parking permit.
  10. Only those designated people will use spaces that are specifically designated by a sign. These areas shall be reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  11. Motorcycles and scooters are allowed to park in areas designated for motorcycles and scooters by signage and lot stripping.  All motorcycles and scooters must display a valid UAFS motorcycle/scooter parking permit. 

Restricted Parking

  1. See #4 above in D. Parking Areas. Also, parking in Lot #R is reserved 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 
  2. Parking spaces with posted signs indicating specific restrictions (Ex: College Deans) will be reserved 24 hours per day, 7 days a week).


  1. All UAFS parking permits are available at the Parking Program Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center (Room #231-C). Temporary and visitor parking permits are also available at the Parking Program Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and at University Police, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. All parking permits expire on August 31st of each year.
  3. Temporary parking permits are available free of charge for any valid permit holder who brings a different vehicle to campus other than their original registered vehicle.  Temporary permits are valid for a maximum of two (2) weeks.  Please contact the Parking Program Coordinator or University Police if an extension of two (2) weeks is necessary. 
  4. If your student status changes at any time throughout the academic year, you may exchange your current parking permit free of charge at the Parking Program Office in the Campus Center to reflect your change in status. 
  5. No refunds will be issued for parking permits reported lost or stolen.  The permit owner shall be responsible for purchasing a replacement permit.  Lost or stolen permits shall be reported immediately to the Parking Program Office or to University Police.  Failure to properly report a lost or stolen permit could result in the owner of the permit being responsible for any or all citations issued to the permit. 
  6. No one shall register a vehicle on campus belonging to another individual without permission of the legally registered owner of the vehicle. 
  7. A parking permit shall only be displayed on the vehicle to which it is registered. 
  8. Parking permits not properly displayed in the vehicle shall be subject to citation for failure to properly display a permit. 
  9. Students who work part-time for the University as staff members are not entitled to a staff permit. 

Special Permits

  1. All vendors are required to register their vehicles and obtain a vendor parking pass at the Parking Program Office in the Campus Center.
  2. University parking facilities are restricted to use by those who participate in University functions, activities, or business on campus.

Display of Permit in Vehicle

  1. Sticker style parking permits are to be completely affixed Image showing the correct placement of parking permitto the lower portion of the right front windshield (passenger side) in plain view, with the permit number visible, and by its own adhesive.
  2. Hang tag style permits and visitor permits shall be hung on the rear view mirror of the vehicle being used that day with the information clearly visible through the windshield.
  3. Motorcycle and scooter permits are to be affixed to the right front fork or fender of the vehicle, in plain view, with the number visible. 

Replacement of Parking Permits

  1. A permit holder who becomes ineligible for parking privileges must remove the permit and provide it to the Parking Program Coordinator or University Police.
  2. When transferring a vehicle, before a no-charge replacement permit will be issued, the old permit must be presented at the Parking Program Office in the Campus Center. If you are unable to recover the permit for any reason, any of the following will be accepted as proof the permit is not recoverable:
    • a copy of the bill of sale
    • transfer of title
    • accident report indicating the windshield was damaged or the vehicle was totaled
    • any other appropriate documentation

Payment of Fines

  1. Fines shall be paid online or at the Cashier’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center.
  2. All citations issued are subject to billing through the Cashier’s Office.

Failure to pay fines may result in withholding of transcripts, class registration, and/or formal collection efforts (including liens through the state income tax system).


  1. If a visitor, student, staff, or faculty member believes the citation was issued in error, he/she has the right to appeal to the Traffic and Parking Appeals Committee. This appeal must be received in Parking Program Office or the University Police office within five (5) days of receipt of the citation or billing notice from the University. Late appeals shall not be considered, except for extenuating circumstances. Appeal forms are available online at the University Police website under the Parking Program or at the Parking Program Office.  The appellant shall be notified of the committee's decision via email. The Committee shall consist of a faculty member, a student, and a staff member. A second appeal option is available for those whose first appeal was denied. This appeal must be done in person to the Appeal Committee. Please fill out our appeal form.


  1. The Director of University Police may suspend or revoke a driver's parking privileges when violations exceed 12 during the permit year (Sept. 1- Aug. 31).
  2. All revocations made by the Director of University Police shall be effective for the remainder of the permit year in which the revocation order is issued, or as otherwise noted. Student parking privileges may also be revoked by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, the Student Conduct Board, and the Chief Conduct Officer.
  3. Payment or appeal of any traffic citation does not exempt one from the standard revocation procedure.

Towing and Immobilization Policy

  1. Vehicles may be towed or immobilized for the following reasons:
    • parking on campus after a permit has been revoked
    • accumulation of 12 or more violations per vehicle within the permit year
    • blocking fire lanes or fire hydrants
    • obstruction of pedestrian or traffic lanes or creating a hazard
    • abandoned vehicle
    • blocking loading zones
    • blocking or impeding snow removal
    • parking in a handicap designated area without a valid handicap permit
    • parking in a reserved or blocked off area
    • not displaying proper campus registration
    • as University Police personnel deem necessary for safety, security, or any campus operation. 

Traffic Enforcement

  1. University Police Officers will enforce violations of Arkansas’ general motor vehicle laws or University policy that occur on its campus roads in accordance with the 2015 Arkansas Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws and State Highway Commission Regulations. Such violations will have the same effect as though such had occurred on Fort Smith city streets.  Citations will be issued and collected upon or through UAFS and/or the Fort Smith District Court. 

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