Parking Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a parking permit cost?

A green student parking permit will cost $60 and will be valid for one year.  The permit is valid September 1st though August 31st of the following year.  We will offer 1,000 blue permits to non-residential students at a yearly cost of $120.  There is no charge for faculty and staff and Sebastian Commons residents to pay for their parking permit as part of their housing fees.  Motorcycle permits will cost $25 per year. 

If I have a blue permit, can I park in a green lot?


Can I register more than one vehicle?

Yes, Two vehicles can be registered. If you drive any other vehicle to campus, you will need to obtain a free temporary parking permit at the Parking Program Office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center, Room 231-C. Temporary permits are valid for up to two weeks.

If I am a student and an employee, which permit do I get?

Full and part-time employees are required to get a blue permit at no cost. Students who are on federal work study or institutional work study will be required to purchase the green permit, or blue, if they so choose. 

How do I appeal a citation?

A citation appeal form is available on the University Police website. Forms will also be available at the Parking Program Office and the University Police Department at the 51st Annex Building.  It should be completed and submitted to the Parking Program Office within five days of receiving the citation. Please fill out our appeal form.

How do I find the nearest parking lot to the location of my class or destination on campus?

A map of the campus and all parking lots is available on the University Police website, and a copy of the map will be distributed with the Parking Rules and Regulations at the time of registration.

What happens in the event that my vehicle becomes disabled?

Notify the Parking Program Office 479-788-7109 or the University Police at 479-788-7140 of the vehicle description and location, and remove the vehicle within 24 hours.

Where do I put the permit on my car?

Sticker style parking permits are to be completely affixed to the inside, lower portion of the right front windshield (passenger side) in plain view, with the permit number visible, and by its own adhesive.

Where do I pay for a citation I may have received?

Fines should be paid at the Cashier’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center.

Where do I park if I am handicapped?

All vehicles being utilized by a handicapped student, employee, or visitor, and that have proper handicap licensing, can use any of the handicap marked parking spaces around campus.

If I transfer or graduate at semester, or if I leave my employment during the year, do I get a refund?


How long is my parking permit valid?

Parking permits are valid September 1st through August 31st of the following year.

Do I have to buy another permit, if I change vehicles?

No, if you present the old permit to the Parking Program office, a no-charge replacement permit will be issued. If you are unable to recover the permit for any reason, the following items will be accepted as proof:

  1. a copy of the bill of sale
  2. transfer of title
  3. accident report indicating the windshield was damaged or the vehicle was totaled
  4. any other appropriate documentation

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