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Application Services

Registration with Student Disability Services is a separate process from the application for Admission to the university. To be considered for accommodations, you must first submit verification of your condition based on Student Disability Services' guidelines and meet with the SDS director to discuss an accommodation request.
To complete the application process, you should follow these steps:
  1. First meet with the SDS director for an intake meeting. This may be scheduled by calling 479-788-7577, emailing, or going to Flanders 114. This meeting will be an informational meeting in which you will discuss your individual needs and what type of verification documentation you will need to provide.
  2. Gather the required information and completed documentation and submit it to Student Disability Services for review.
  3. If approved, the SDS director will contact you to schedule a second meeting to discuss your accommodations in detail and finalize the necessary paperwork.
  4. The SDS director will prepare and email a copy of your Approved Accommodations Summary to you and your instructors.
  5. Meet with your instructors to discuss how your accommodations will be implemented. You and your instructors will sign the Approved Accommodations Summary form. If you or the instructor have any questions about this process, the SDS director should be contacted.
  6. Report any problems with accommodations to Student Disability Services.

It is your responsibility to request accommodations each semester/term by meeting with the SDS director for an accommodations review.

NOTE: To provide an opportunity to proceed in class without accommodation(s), some students may prefer to register with Student Disability Services by completing the application process but postponing the initial accommodations. To protect your right to do this, you are required to discuss and sign the Approved Accommodations Summary with instructors to initiate accommodations. This must be done before accommodations will be implemented. Instructors are not obligated to provide accommodations until they are notified by you in this manner. Retroactive accommodations cannot be made. Specifically, instructors will not accommodate prior exams, assignments, or any course-related activity before the Approved Accommodations Summary is delivered and discussed.