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Service & Assistance Animals

The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is committed to allowing individuals with disabilities the use of a service or assistance animal on campus to facilitate their full participation and equal access to the university’s programs and activities. This policy explains the specific procedures and requirements applicable to an individual’s use of a service animal or assistance animal.
This policy also applies to students and guests participating in summer conferences or New Student Orientation (Mane Event) and other short-term guests (i.e. local interns). Students and conference guests must follow the process outlined in this policy at least 10 business days before the start of the conference, orientation, or move-in.

If you wish to utilize a service or assistance animal on campus, contact Student ADA Services at 479-788-7577.


The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith defines a service animal by the standard of the Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) title III revised Sept. 15, 2010.
Students who require the assistance of a service animal in classrooms or other public places on campus are encouraged to contact ADA Services by calling 479-788-7577, emailing, or going to Flanders 114.


If you are planning to bring a service or assistance animal (emotional support animal) to residential areas of UAFS, you must follow the steps outlined below to obtain an exception from the UAFS no pets policy with a 10-day minimum approval.
  1. First meet with the ADA coordinator for an intake meeting. This may be scheduled by calling 479-788-7577, emailing, or going to Flanders 114. This meeting will consist of understanding your disability and the need for a service or assistance animal in residential areas and ensuring you know the policy and procedures. You will receive a copy of the policy and all necessary documents that must be completed and returned.
  2. Gather the required information and completed documentation and submit it to ADA Services for review. Remember, no animal may be present in any residential area of campus until the entire process is complete.
  3. If approved, the ADA coordinator will contact you to schedule a second meeting to sign the necessary paperwork.
  4. Once approved by the ADA coordinator, you will next schedule a meeting with the resident director of your housing facility by emailing or going to the Housing Office in Sebastian Commons.
  5. Absent extraordinary circumstances, only one animal will be approved per student.
  6. Ordinarily, unless directed and needed otherwise, an approved service or assistance animal may not be present in residential areas of campus until 10 business days have passed after it has been approved by Housing and Residential Life.

If you have any additional questions, send an email to or call 479-788-7577.