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Transfer Credit Guide

The Transfer Credit Guide allows you to see which courses could transfer from other institutions to UAFS. It is intended only to provide you with an evaluation tool to review potential transfer of credit and does not denote an official transfer of credit.

The information displayed in the platform is subject to revision, without prior notice, as a result of changes in either UAFS's or the originating institution's curriculum.

The official evaluation of transfer credit occurs only when the student applies for admission to UAFS . You must have a completed application on file and submit official transcript(s) from all schools attended for an official course evaluation. For information about a course not listed, contact

The Transfer Credit Guide is not a complete list of all transferable coursework. The guide is continually updated as new courses are reviewed. Please note that, although a course transfers, it may not apply toward degree requirements for your major. Requirements will be determined by the college that manages your degree and major.

Information on Articulated Courses

  • UAFS credit hours are semester units of credit.
  • Only courses with a grade of C or better can transfer.
  • “UAFS” as the course subject indicates UAFS does not have an equivalent subject.
  • “XXX” in a course number indicates the course is not equivalent to a UAFS course or requires further evaluation by the college under which the course falls. You should work with your advisor to determine if it can be used to substitute for courses in the your degree.
  • “GEN” within a course number indicates that, although there is not a UAFS equivalent, the course may be applied toward a general education core requirement. The following area designations will follow the course title:
    • EN = English/Communications
    • FA = Fine Arts
    • HG = American History/Government
    • HU = Humanities
    • LS = Lab Science
    • SP = Speech
    • SS = Social Science Credit hours

To use the Transfer Credit Guide, first select the state in which your institution is located and then the name of the originative institution. You will then be provided with a chart that provides the title of the course from your originating institution and its equivalent course at UAFS. You must then select the grade you received in the course by clicking on the "None" option under the grade box and selecting "Add to My List." Once you have selected all courses, select the "View My List" option to see the number of credit hours that will potentially transfer to the UAFS.

The Transfer Credit Guide is an unofficial tool and should be used in consultation with your academic advisor.

Credit Guide Instructions

Select a state of institution from the drop down menu, then select institution from the menu below and click "Continue".