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Submit a News Story

Please fill out the form below to submit a news story to the UAFS news team.


Please include one to two sentences summarizing this news or feature story at a glance
Please include the who, what, where, when, and why of this story. You may write this as a full draft for editing, or provide the information below: • Who is involved • Where and when the event/award/research takes place • Why this is important in your own words • What makes the event or individual unique or interesting
Be sure the below background information is included in your story submission. If it is not, please add details here: • Official Title of employees mentioned: • Home town of students mentioned: • Major and year for students mentioned: Relevant demographic information for students mentioned: (Transfer, Parent, Military, Minority Demographic)
Please include at least one quote about this feature or news item. Quotes should reflect how the subject is: • Unique – either to the state, region, university or department • Useful – to students, faculty and staff or the community • Interesting – in a way that appeals to or reflects diverse audiences
If there is a photograph, please enter the email address of the person who currently has the photograph