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Inclement Weather Policy

U.8.16.6 Inclement Weather and Emergency Closures. (Arkansas State Personnel Policy; Governor’s Policy Directive #7) The general policy of the university is to remain open. However, if severe and unexpected conditions make it necessary for the university to be closed, campus closing announcements will be made via several sources. The best way to receive information regarding campus closing is Lions Alert, the university’s emergency notification system. The system can send notifications via email, text message, and/or phone call to subscribed recipients.

The decision to close campus for inclement weather or an emergency situation is made by the chancellor in consultation with designated university officials.

Consult the following sources for information:

  • Call the UAFS main number at 479-788-7000 for a recorded message
  • Check the university’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for notifications
  • Tune in to local television and radio stations for public service announcements

When relying on public service announcements, it is advisable to double check more than one source as a means of obtaining information since some stations do not allow for different announcements for day and night classes.

U. Day Classes. Classes starting between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. are considered day classes. The decision to cancel day classes will typically be announced by 11 p.m. the evening prior. If no announcement is made, classes will take place.

U. Night Classes. Classes starting at or after 3:45 p.m. are considered night classes. The decision to cancel night classes will typically be announced prior to 2 p.m. If no announcement is made, classes will take place.

U. Off-Campus Classes. Off-campus sites will follow closing announcements for the facility where the classes are being held. If the facility is closed by the organization that maintains it, university classes at that site will not take place. Off-campus sites owned and operated by the university will follow closing announcements for the main campus.

U. Weekend Activities. University officials will make announcements through the university’s official media outlets concerning weekend activities hosted by the university. The decision to close campus facilities on weekends will follow the times for weekday class cancellations with consideration given to earlier cancellation times if sufficient information is known.

Some employees may be required to report to work because of the nature of work to be done. Unless told otherwise by a supervisor, employees do not report to work when classes are cancelled, or the campus is closed. Employees should contact their supervisor for additional information.

Employees are expected to make their own determination about whether to attempt to come to work and should make every attempt to get to work within the bounds of their personal safety.

If inclement weather disrupts travel during early morning hours, employees will be given credit for a full day’s attendance if they arrive at work within two (2) hours of their normal starting time.

Employees arriving later than two (2) hours are to submit a leave form for their period of absence, and their leave will be charged accordingly.

If an employee does not report to work because of weather conditions when campus is open, they will be charged annual leave or leave without pay. Depending on the circumstances, this may be considered an excused absence. Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor if they do not report to work because of inclement weather.

U. Tornadoes. Sebastian County will issue a tornado warning through the National Weather Service (NWS) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. University personnel and students will be alerted through several methods including the Civil Defense sirens that will sound to alert people outside to seek shelter as well as Lion’s Alert. When a tornado warning is issued, all university personnel and students are to seek shelter immediately. Do not return to offices or classrooms until an “all clear” is announced. For more information, reference the Emergency Action Plan Quick Reference Guide.

U.8.16.7 Lions Alert Text Messaging Service. Lions Alert is a notification system used for informing the UAFS community of emergency situations and campus closings. Lions Alerts may be communicated via phone call, text message, and/or email. The university’s goal is to keep employees and students abreast of the latest information. Employees who are registered with Lions Alert can receive timely notifications directly to their cell phones, email accounts, and other communication systems when urgent information is disseminated to the UAFS community.

Note: Private Internet service providers or page/cellular phone carriers may charge a per-message fee for Lions Alert text messages.

All active employees are automatically registered with Lions Alert. To configure your Lions Alert account with additional texting, email, or voice contact information, click on the Go to Lions Alert link in My.UAFS.

IMPORTANT: The contact information provided by the employee for the Lions Alert service will not be used for any purpose other than emergencies and campus closing notifications.