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Cub Camp


Starting college is an exciting time filled with anticipation, excitement, and many questions. Not to worry; we have you covered with Cub Camp! Exclusively for first-time, full-time students, Cub Camp brings you and your incoming classmates together over three days to explore, experience, and enjoy all UAFS offers. You’ll make new friends and gain insight from upper-level students about college coursework, time management, and campus activities.

Of course college isn’t all work and no play, and neither is Cub Camp. Get ready to compete in Cub Camp Games, laugh and learn during hypnotist Keith Karkut’s famous “Hypnotic Intoxication” performance, and dance the night away during Cub Camp’s traditional mixer. It’s three days of “edutainment.” It’s Cub Camp! Register today.


Cub Camp


Cub Camp Schedule

Day Event Name Description
Thursday Check-In Check in to Cub Camp.
Thursday Cub Camp Welcome Start your camp off with a bang at this special welcome. You’ll meet your fellow Cubs, receive a personal welcome from UAFS Chancellor Terisa Riley and the Student Government Association president, and learn of the many activities that make Cub Camp a beloved UAFS tradition.
Thursday Cub Camp Games We believe that healthy competition creates long-lasting connections. So get ready to connect and compete! You’ll be assigned to random groups to complete a series of unique games where you’ll meet new friends and have fun.
Thursday Color War At UAFS we love our colors, which is even more true during Cub Camp. You and fellow Cubs will be assigned a camp color on day one. This color is sure to become your favorite. What is the best way to share your color excitement? By covering your new friends in that color using a non-toxic paint powder! Get ready for fun and unique photos. It’s the perfect way to end the first day of Cub Camp.
Friday Diversity Event Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational to the UAFS experience. Each year we invite accomplished speakers to campus to share the importance of D.E.I. and the critical difference you can make on your campus and in your community.
Friday Hypnotic Intoxication Get ready to learn, lead, and laugh during hypnotist Keith Karkut’s renowned alcohol education program “Hypnotic Intoxication.” Through hypnosis, Karkut brings to life the importance of responsibility and the consequences of alcohol. It’s a journey into the mind that you won’t forget.
Saturday Dance Mixer You’ve spent the last two days preparing for the semester, exploring campus, and making memories. Now it’s time to let loose and dance the night away with your fellow Cubs.
Saturday Camp Dances What goes best with your camp color? A choreographed dance, of course! Each camp will create a custom mix of music and moves for a one-of-a-kind show. Once you’ve learned your dance, you’ll show off your groove during our Camp Dances.
Saturday Candlelight Ceremony Cub Camp has been a UAFS tradition for nearly 20 years. Cub Camp leaders close every camp by passing the torch of leadership to the next generation of Lions at this special ceremony. One of UAFS's most cherished traditions, the candlelight ceremony symbolizes this change in leadership and your official transition from Cub to Lion.