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Babb Center Calendar of Events



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All Majors Career Fair and Graduate School Expo

  • Date/Time: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm
    Thursday, March 7, 2024
  • Location: Smith Pendergraft CC Reynolds Room

Certificate Awards Ceremony

Session Details:

The session provides information and templates for students to develop their first resume. This resume will generally be used to apply for internships and part-time positions. 

The session provides information on how to prepare for an interview, how to dress for an interview, interview question preparation, what questions to ask an interviewer, and other tips on interview skills.

This session is designed to assist students in the skills required to participate effectively in telephone interviews. The session provides information on how to prepare for the interview, how the telephone interview is different from a face-to-face interview, and tips on how to showcase your skills in a telephone interview.

This is a senior-level resume writing class. The session is a follow-up session to the Basic Resume Writing class. This session provides information on how to revise a resume from a "Job Duties" based resume that was developed in the Basic Resume Writing session to a "Skills and Accomplishments" based resume. This session provides templates for the students to use. This will be the resume students will use generally when seeking a full-time position. Pre-requisite: Students must have completed the Basic Resume Writing Workshop or already have an approved resume in CareerLink.

This session is designed to assist students in setting their goals, clarify the actions needed to achieve these goals, and commit to participating in the planned activities.

This session provides the opportunity for students to participate in a mock interview with a local human resources professional. The student is provided a job description and the organization name so they can do pre-interview research. The human resources professional "interviews' the student and then provides constructive feedback at the end of the "interview". The feedback includes how the student answered the questions, how they were dressed, and their non-verbal skills. Pre-requisite: Interview Skills Workshop

This session is designed to assist students in learning how to network with employers effectively. The session includes information on how to write an introduction that can be used at career fairs and other networking events. Students are required to successfully demonstrate their introduction during the class.

This session is designed to assist students in their job search strategy. The sessions include where to look for jobs, how to apply for jobs, how to research jobs, how to effectively utilize the internet in the job search, how to network, and resume tips.

This session is designed to assist students in identifying their strengths regarding career skills that employers are seeking. The student uses the StrengthsQuest software to complete a career assessment.

These sessions are designed for students to have the opportunity to network with organization representatives in a less structured and less formal environment. The sessions are hosted by various organizations in the Babb Center on the UAFS campus. Students are required to register to attend. The number of students is limited to a small group to provide for more interaction with the organization representatives. The organization host the sessions back-to-back on the same day to allow for different students to attend based on their class schedule.

This session is designed to assist students in preparing to attend a career fair. The session includes how to prepare before the event, information on how to develop your "30-second commercial", how to determine which employers to visit, how to dress, and what to expect after the event.

This session is designed to assist students in utilizing LinkedIn in their job search. The session provides information on how to develop their LinkedIn portfolio, how to build their professional network, how to join groups, and how to utilize LinkedIn to research employers.

The CSPD utilizes Google Apps to establish and house ePortfolios. The ePortfolio will be where you can store your resume, reference letters, transcript, and other important documentation. You can share your ePortfolio with employers and faculty.

These sessions are for students who are interested in obtaining information about graduate school. Various recruiters from regional graduate schools attend each session.

This session is generally hosted by an area graduate school recruiter. It is designed to provide information about timelines, funding/scholarships, degree plans, etc.

This annual event provides the opportunity for junior and senior-level accounting majors to visit various accounting firms and organizations that hire accounting students for internships and full-time employment. There is an informal networking event immediately after the round-robin.

This session is designed to prepare students on what to expect during the first few weeks of employment. The session includes information on 401ks, insurance information, W4s, etc. A representative from an area employer usually conducts this workshop. 

This session is designed to assist students in utilizing their StrengthsQuest Career Assessment results. The session includes information including their assessment in their resume, during interviews, and in job searching. Pre-requisite: Completing a Career Skills Assessment: StrengthsQuest 1.