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Arts and Sciences | NewsMarch 04, 2024

2023 Faculty Appreciation Award Winners Named

On April 7, 2023, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith (UAFS) celebrated academic excellence by awarding four distinguished faculty members with Faculty Appreciation Awards. These awards, presented by Chancellor Dr. Terisa Riley and Provost Dr. Shadow Robinson, highlight the recipients' outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and service. The Faculty Awards Committee selected the awardees based on rigorous criteria, demonstrating UAFS's commitment to recognizing and fostering exceptional academic and community service.

The 2023 Faculty Appreciation Award winners are:

  • Dr. Lindsy Lawrence for the Lucille Speakman Master Teacher Award
  • Jane Wineland for the Luella M. Krehbiel Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award
  • Dr. Jack Jackson for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities
  • Dr. Stephen Husarik for Excellence to the University, to the Profession, and to the Community Service Award

Lucille Speakman Master Teacher Award: Dr. Lindsy Lawrence

Dr. Lindsy Lawrence, Professor and Department Chair of English, Rhetoric and Writing, and Media Communication at UAFS, has distinguished herself through her dynamic teaching style and comprehensive understanding of educational principles. Her commitment to creating a positive learning environment and fostering strong relationships both inside and outside the classroom has made a significant impact on her students. Dr. Lawrence's expertise spans a broad range of subjects, from 18th- and 19th-century British literature to cultural studies and digital humanities. In any given class, you’ll find her discussing everything from penny dreadfuls to Rhianna, and she is known for integrating diverse media into her curriculum, making connections between classic literature and contemporary culture. Her recent work includes supporting undergraduate researchers and publications exploring Neo-Victorian themes. Dr. Lawrence holds a Ph.D. in English from Texas Christian University, an M.A. in English from Southern Methodist University, and a B.A. in English and Secondary Education from Schreiner University.

Luella M. Krehbiel Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award: Jane Wineland

Jane Wineland, an instructor of French at UAFS, is recognized for her passionate and innovative approach to teaching. With a career that began with a transformative year of language immersion in Paris, Wineland has dedicated herself to bringing the French language and culture to life for her students. Her teaching philosophy centers on love, respect, and high esteem for each student, fostering a classroom environment where confidence flourishes and anxiety diminishes. Beyond her teaching responsibilities, Wineland has offered her expertise in translation for Immigration and Naturalization hearings and worked internationally with law enforcement agencies. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and holds an M.A. in French Literature from the same institution and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma.


Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities: Dr. Jack Jackson

In his 28th year at UAFS, Dr. Jack L. Jackson II, Professor of Mathematics, is celebrated for his diverse scholarly and creative contributions. With a teaching portfolio that includes 30 different courses, Dr. Jackson's work extends beyond the classroom into significant research and community service. He has been instrumental in developing new academic programs, contributing to curriculum design, and engaging in interdisciplinary research that spans mathematics education, biology, and music. Dr. Jackson's dedication to making mathematical concepts accessible and engaging has led to the creation of numerous educational resources, including 120 dynamic mathematical applets in GeoGebra and 327 video lectures on mathematical topics, all made available to the public. He has presented over 40 academic presentations, and he performs regularly with the Fort Smith Symphony. Dr. Jackson earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Arizona, an M.S. in Mathematics, and a B.S.E. in Mathematics Education from Arkansas State University.

Excellence to the University, to the Profession, and to the Community Service Award: Dr. Stephen Husarik

Dr. Stephen Husarik, a professor specializing in music literature, has significantly contributed to UAFS and the broader community through his expertise in Beethoven and Wagner's music. For over 25 years, Dr. Husarik has served as the head carillonneur at UAFS, in addition to his roles on numerous university committees and as chair of the faculty association. His scholarly work includes a focus on digital transcriptions and analytical music studies, bridging historical research with modern technology. Dr. Husarik's career is marked by numerous awards for teaching, publication, and research, reflecting his profound impact on music education and the arts. He completed his Ph.D. in Music Literature at the University of Iowa and pursued post-graduate studies at Harvard University, Bayreuth, Germany, and New York University.