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Mane Event


Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to your UAFS application portal account to register for the Mane Event and other new student programs such as Cub Camp and Lion Launch.

Absolutely! Our Mane Event schedule is designed to be both informative and engaging. 

No, Mane Event is not part of orientation. Mane Event is a program designed to help new students build relationships with university staff,  college faculty, and members of their incoming class. Mane Event prepares new students for a successful college experience. Orientation is completed through an online learning platform. 

The transition to college is challenging whether or not you are a recent high school graduate. Mane Event is an opportunity to interact with representatives from the college of your major, current and new students, and introduce you to campus programs and resources. It is also an opportunity to learn about your new university. 

You do not need to pay for your classes at Mane Event. There are established payment deadlines that you will have to meet prior to classes. Visit our Cashier's page to learn more about deadlines and our convenient payment plans.

Yes. Your username and password will be required to check in at Mane Event.

You will check in at the Stubblefield Center. From there you will be taken to different campus areas depending on the event program. 

No, parents are not required to attend. If you choose you may register parents or family members. There will be a parent and family session offered during Mane Event. This means your parent or family member will begin the day with you, but will participate in a separate session for part of the day.

Students will have a one-on-one R.O.A.R. registration appointment to register for classes with their assigned R.O.A.R. advisor. We recommend you sign up for your R.O.A.R. registration appointment prior to your Mane Event.