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Early Childhood Education Trainings

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Ronnette Haynes

These FREE training courses are funded through grants awarded by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education. For more information or to schedule a training, call the UAFS Early Childhood Preschool Program at 479-788-7249 or 479-788-7605.

All How To trainings are offered in a face-to-face setting only.

Involve Preschool Children in Whole Group Activities
  • Planning and conducting whole group time
Involve Preschool Children in Small Group Activities (2 hours)
  • Planning and conducting small group time
Read Books and Tell Stories (2 hours)
  • Telling stories with visuals
  • Choosing developmentally appropriate books
Create Curriculum Materials for the Classroom (2 hours)
  • Creating materials
  • Using materials to increase learning
Involve All Children in Music and Movement (2 hours)
  • Using music and movement with different age groups
  • Setting up a music center
Create and Maintain Portfolios for Children
  • Portfolio organization
  • Purpose of portfolios
Involve All Preschool Children in Discovery Activities
  • Benefits of a discovery center
  • Setting up a discovery center
Involve Preschool Children in Appropriate Alphabet Activities
  • Developmentally appropriate alphabet activity materials
  • Developmentally appropriate alphabet activities
Empower Children to be Creative in the Art Center
  • Promoting creativity in the classroom
  • Setting up the art center
Enrich Your Indoor and Outdoor Preschool Environment with Prop Boxes
  • Importance of Prop Boxes
  • How to build prop boxes
Include Sensory Materials and Activities in the Environment
  • What is sensory play?
  • Sensory play activities

All In-Practice trainings involve activities that support learning goals as identified in the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards (CDELS) and provide an opportunity to create curriculum materials for the topic of study featured in the training.


Adventures in Learning (3 hours)
  • Designated Arkansas-approved curriculum
  • Comprehensive curriculum for children ages 3-5
  • Features 40 topics of study in nine focus areas
  • Guides participants through the process of developing weekly activity plans as mandated in the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements
Adventures for Toddlers (3 hours)
  • Comprehensive curriculum for children 18-36 months
  • Features 30 topics in eight focus areas
  • Guides participants through the process of developing weekly activity plans as mandated in the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements
  • Easily transitions into the Adventures in Learning curriculum for children ages 3-5
Connecting with Infants
  • Comprehensive curriculum for infants birth through 18 months
  • Focuses on responsive relationships and interactions between caregivers and infants
  • Guides participants through the process of developing weekly activity plans as mandated in the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements
  • Provides an opportunity to create curriculum materials for infants with related activities
Books and Movement: A Magical Mix (BAMMM) (3 hours)
  • Supplemental curriculum for toddlers and preschool children
  • Series of activity guides that:
    • connect literature and movement
    • utilize a children's book to support one or more gross motor skills identified in the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards (CDELS)
    • extends to movement activities suggested in the book
    • expands to include related curriculum activities and ideas for enhancing the learning environment
  • Supports programs in meeting physical activity requirements as stated in the Minimum Licensing Requirements for Child Care Centers
Connecting Literature and Math (CLAM) - Component of STEM Curriculum (3 hours)
  • Supplemental curriculum for preschool children
  • Provides a list of materials to consider when creating a hands-on math environment
  • Includes 14 curriculum guides that:
    • focus on strategies that provide children daily opportunities to experience mathematics through hands-on activities and teacher-guided experiences
    • use children's books that focus on one or more mathematical thinking goals in the Arkansas CDELS
    • extend to related experiences in the learning environment and daily curriculum
    • include ideas for assessment of children in achieving mathematical skills and concepts
Creative Adventures with Literature (CAL) (3 hours)
  • Supplemental curriculum for preschool children
  • Integrates literature and the creative arts
  • Introduces children to the works of well-known artists and various techniques used by illustrators of children's books
  • Includes 14 curriculum guides that begin with a children's book and extend to related experiences in the visual and performing arts
  • Supports the Arkansas CDELS Creativity and Aesthetics Domain
Informational Books in the Preschool Classroom (3 hours)
  • Supplemental curriculum for children ages 3-5
  • Collection of curriculum guides that pair storybooks with informational books with a common theme or focus
  • Integrates three of the Arkansas CDELS Domains: Emergent Literacy, Science and Technology, Social Studies
  • Encourages children to think, express curiosity, and seek answers to questions they may have

Professionalism (4 hours)
  • Identify the characteristics of an early childhood professional
  • Examines ethical responsibilities to children, families, and colleagues
Families (4 hours)
  • Explores relationships, daily exchanges, and written and verbal communication with families
  • Develops family program connections and engagement
Learning Environment (3 hours)
  • Physical arrangement of the environment
  • Materials and equipment in the environment
  • Social and emotional environment
A Supportive and Caring Community of Learners (4 hours)
  • Importance of teamwork in an early care and education program
  • Strategies that support teamwork
  • Strategies for building relationships
  • Building resilience in children
Program for Children (4 hours)
  • Daily classroom schedule and routines
  • Daily experiences in each classroom (curriculum)
  • Weekly activity plan sheets
  • Children’s portfolios
Children and Times of Transition (3 hours)
  • Daily transitions for all children (infants, toddlers, preschool)
  • Successful transitions for preschool children
  • When children transition into and out of a classroom or preschool program
Outdoor Environment (3 hours)
  • Importance of children and the outdoor environment
  • Safety in the outdoor environment
  • Outdoor activities
Story a Month (3 hours)
  • Collection of patterns that may be used as visuals for storytelling or story retelling
  • 37 patterns for children’s books
  • 12 Mother Goose rhymes

All trainings listed are in support of Arkansas Minimum Licensing Requirements, Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards, Birth Through 60 Months (CDELS), Arkansas Workforce Knowledge and Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals, Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale (ITERS), Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS), and NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.


Upcoming Training Courses

Register for all training sessions through the Arkansas Professional Development Registry.

All sessions will take place in Echols 119 on the UAFS campus.