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Workplace Leadership Series

If you are ready to boost your leadership impact, this workshop is for you!

Nothing is more critical to influencers than credibility. Hospital leaders know that. Politicians know that. Manufacturing executives know that. Even YouTubers and TikTokers know that reputation matters. While it's said that bad press is better than no press, in the world of influencing, the best press is only good press. 

Participate in two omnidirectional (360) assessments to measure your leadership credibility and associated traits. 

The ODA is a tool we use to collect information on the credibility components of Platinum participants. Components include perceptions held by peers, followers, and leaders. Perceptions are gauged through a series of questions that measure competence and character, strengths and development needs. Working with professional coaches, participants review the findings and map plans for improving credibility.

All classes take place at the Center for Economic Development at the Bakery District, 70 S. 7th St., Fort Smith

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