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Calendar of Events Guidelines

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Calendar is the university’s central, comprehensive calendar. The calendar informs and connects the campus and community on the wide array of public events offered at UAFS.

Event Submission Requirements

  • Events may only be submitted for consideration by full-time faculty and staff and registered student organizations.
  • Events must be submitted through the online submission form.
  • Events must be sponsored by a UAFS entity (school, department, program, division, center or institute, office or club) and/or have a clear connection to UAFS.
  • Prior to submitting a calendar request, the event organizer must reserve the event location through the proper channels and ensure that the times associated with the event are correct. An event published to the calendar does not reserve the location.
  • Event listings must include the title, date/time, location, sponsor, description, and contact information. If tickets are required, you must include a website link to purchase/reserve tickets. A website link for additional information is encouraged.
  • Appropriate events include, but are not limited to, lectures, workshops, seminars, arts and cultural events, community service events, social events, information sessions, and athletic events.
  • Calendar requests must be submitted at least five business days before the event. At least two weeks notice is best for event promotion.

Events That May Not Be Approved

  • Events that lack required information
  • Events that lack appropriate sponsorship by a UAFS entity or a clear connection with UAFS
  • Events that lack the approval of appropriate UAFS entities
  • Events submitted less than five business days before the event date
  • Classes, department meetings, student club meetings, save-the-dates, and application deadlines will not be displayed on the calendar. (Academic Calendar-specific events will be displayed in the Academic Calendar category.)

University Regulation and Authority

The Office of Marketing and Communications determines what listings appear on the campus calendar, the university homepage, the Featured Events calendar, and the UAFS Weekly Newsletter. Event submissions are considered on a case-by-case basis, and the approval process can take up to three business days. The Office of Marketing and Communications may edit event listing information for style and consistency. 

The calendar administrator, as directed by the senior director of University Marketing and Communications, reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if they do not meet the above-mentioned criteria, do not qualify as a legitimate university event, violate local, state, or federal law, or are in conflict with UAFS Policies and Procedures. No copyrighted images may be submitted for an event unless you have authorized permission to use the image.

Event Updates and Cancellations

Update or cancellation requests from event organizers will be considered and managed in a timely manner (within 24 hours) whenever possible. Exceptions may include holidays and weekends.

Event Title Guidelines

  • Event titles should be less than 120 characters long, including spaces
  • Principal words should be capitalized. Do not capitalize words like "a," "and," "in," "of," or "the" unless they are the first word of the event title. Please do not use all caps.
  • Quotation marks should be used around the titles of books, plays, and movies.
  • Event titles should not include details such as the event sponsor. These details should be included in the event description.
  • Proofread titles and descriptions for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Event Description Guidelines

  • A title alone usually will not motivate people to attend an event. Provide more details and context to generate interest. The event description should give readers a sense of who, what, and how. Briefly explain who is speaking or performing and what they will be talking about or doing. If there are multiple sponsors, the description should also list the co-sponsors.
  • Always include the cost to attend an event. If it is free, state that it is free.
  • Proofread your description for proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Include the specific room location in the room location field on the submission form.
  • If registration is required, please include this. If you have a link to an online form please include the hyperlink in submission form field titled (Web Conference Link).


  • Academic Advising – Activities, deadlines, and events hosted by college and the ROAR First-Year Advising Center
  • Academic Calendar – Dates classes start and end, breaks during the semester such as spring break, and key dates to drop/add classes, etc.
  • Admissions – Special events and activities hosted by Admissions
  • Alumni – Alumni events, both on campus and in locations around and outside of Fort Smith
  • Athletics – Lion athletic events
  • Boreham Library – Events, trainings, and activities hosted by the Boreham Library
  • Career Services – Career fairs and workshops, both for students, alumni, and the public
  • Conferences, Workshops, and Camps – Conferences, workshops, and camps offered by UAFS departments and centers for the public by academic departments and athletics
  • Cultural – Events hosted by academic departments and student groups that are open to the public
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Events, lectures, and activities hosted by the Office of DEI
  • Exhibits, Films, and Lectures – Exhibits at the UAFS Gallery of Art and Design and other locations on campus, films, and academic lectures
  • Financial Aid – Workshops on FAFSA, money management, scholarships, and other financial aid topics
  • Meetings – Meetings on campus such as the Board of Visitors, Board of Regents, State of Arkansas, or other meetings of interest to the campus community or general public
  • Outreach/Service Projects – Activities by UAFS students, faculty, and staff that impact the community around campus and beyond
  • Performing Arts, Music, and Theatre – Music, theatre, and other performing arts events, primarily at Breedlove Auditorium and Arc-Best Performing Arts Center
  • Recreation – Activity-based events such as fitness classes or intramural sport gatherings
  • Special Events – Special events affecting the entire campus, including Homecoming, Family Weekend, and Commencement
  • Student Organizations – Events hosted by student organizations that are open to the public
  • Training (Faculty/Staff) – Training sessions designed for faculty and staff
  • Workforce Training – Conference, trainings, and events hosted by the Center for Economic Development