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A NUMA Move-In Crew volunteer picks up a basket topped with a lion pillow

A NUMA Move-In Crew volunteer picks up a basket topped with a lion pillow

Events | FeaturedAugust 10, 2023

Get 'Move-In' Ready

Written By: Ian Silvester

The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith fall 2023 semester is approaching. Shortly before the semester begins, hundreds of students will move into their new space as Lion’s Den or Sebastian Commons residents. Before move-in, the UAFS Resident and Housing Life team weighed in, answering questions from new students.

Answering questions are Stephanie London, UAFS assistant dean of students, Isabel Cenobio, UAFS housing marketing intern, and Lion’s Den and Sebastian Commons Head Resident Assistants (RA) Darby Sawney and Karley Brasher.

Be sure to click here for move-in information, resources, and FAQs.

Question: How do I figure out where I live while on campus, and when do I find this out?

London says residents receive a housing placement via their UAFS email with their fall assignment based on their application completion date. Students who will live on campus and applied by May 15 learned their placement on June 1. If you applied by June 15, you received your placement on July 1. You can see a full fall housing assignment notification schedule here.

Isabel said residents would be placed in Lion’s Den or Sebastian Commons.

Question: What’s the difference between Lion’s Den and Sebastian Commons?

According to Isabel, the Lion’s Den is our premiere suite-style residence hall for all students, especially our first-year students. Sebastian Commons is our apartment-style complex which houses our upper-class, non-traditional, and married students.

London explains that students placed in the Lion’s Den will share a common space with three to four other residents. They are also placed in all-female or all-male wings. Each wing has a lounge with cable TV, lounge seating, and a small kitchenette. Each building has a larger lounge on the first floor with a mail room, laundry room, full kitchen, and vending and ice machines. Think of this as a community for first-year students to connect with one another and with campus resources! Residents living in Sebastian Commons, as Isabel mentioned, are not typically first-year students. Anyone living here also has common spaces, including two basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, a cornhole area, a community garden, a 24-hour lounge, and dedicated study and laundry spaces with vending and ice machines.

Question: Now I know where I will live, but when can I move in?

The primary move-in for Lion’s Den is Aug. 16 during Cub Camp. The regular move-in date for Lion’s Den is Saturday, Aug. 19. Residents living in Sebastian Commons can move in on Friday, Aug. 18, and Saturday, Aug. 19. Other move-in dates exist for athletes, honors, and international students. All students will receive an email with their move-in time, Isabel answered.

Question: Will there be anyone that can help me move in?

Yes, says London. On Aug. 16, Cub Camp staff will assist campers in moving items into their rooms during the Cub Camp move-in. During regular move-ins on Aug. 18 and 19, NUMA Move-In Crew volunteers will be on campus helping; however, with hundreds of students moving in, help is limited, so be patient!

Question: What is an RA, and what do they do?

Darby and Karley took turns answering, saying that an RA is a trained leader who lives on campus to support the other students living in Lion’s Den or Sebastian Commons. They help with different problems a resident might have while creating fun and engaging environments. Most importantly, your RA serves as a familiar face – a someone who can be a mentor, academic resource, or just someone to talk to.

Question: This will be the first time I live away from home; what should I bring, and what can I leave home?

Isabel said the best way to plan is to review the New Resident Newsletter sent to all incoming residents or visit the “What to Bring” page online.

Question: I’m nervous about living with a roommate. Can I pick who I live with? What if we don’t get along?

If there are any issues with a roommate(s), the best thing to do is first talk to your RA, explained Darby and Karley. For Lion’s Den residents, at the beginning of the semester, all roommates will sign agreements agreeing on the rules of the shared space. After the second week of school, roommate change requests are available. To avoid all that, London says roommate requests can be made, and the Housing team does its best to honor the preferences. Residents living in the Lion’s Den will be staying in suite-style spaces. London explained that in these spaces, residents will always have suitemates that share a common area. Residents living in Sebastian Commons can choose between one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom units.

Question: I’m ready to move in; what else do I need to know to make sure my move-in day is successful?

First thing’s first, come with a positive attitude said Isabel. After that, give yourself plenty of time to move, and be sure to pick up your keys during your provided time slot. London said to bring a photo ID and familiarize yourself with the parking and check-in procedures.

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