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Events | UAFS MailbagMarch 29, 2024

UAFS Mailbag: Spring in Bloom

Written By: Ian Silvester

Welcome back to another edition of the UAFS Mailbag! It’s officially springtime here in the River Valley. Not only does that mean longer days, warmer weather, and plants and trees blooming – be sure to have those tissues and allergy medicine handy – but spring means the semester is nearly over.

I hope you all had a fun, safe, relaxing spring break. Lions took advantage of the week-long break and could be found all over. From the beaches of Florida to Seattle and across the globe to Malaysia, Lions spread their UAFS pride while enjoying time off from classes. Even if you couldn’t take a trip, the break was well-deserved.

On campus, spring break brought a pop of color. I swear everything became greener overnight, and flowers sprouted everywhere. Aside from my wallet taking a hit with a few purchases of Benadryl and nose spray, most everything was business as usual for UAFS, as those who worked spent the week catching up and preparing for the final stretch of the semester.

I don’t want to create a panic, but if you didn’t realize it already, the school year is almost over. Graduation is just over a month away, as hundreds of you will walk across the stage on May 11 at the Stubblefield Center to shake hands with Chancellor Riley, receive your diploma, and be showered with pictures and congratulations from friends and family.

Even if you aren’t graduating in May, buckle down and finish the semester strong, Lions!

Before then, be sure to cross a few items off your UAFS checklist. April is full of events celebrating the work of your fellow Lions, baseball games, and golf and tennis matches. End the month by celebrating UAFS with Numa’s Birthday and Day of Giving.

There are no classes on Friday, April 5, but I plan to attend and support those presenting at the 17th Annual Student Research Symposium, and I hope to see you there. Posters and presentations will be displayed from noon to 4 p.m. throughout the Boreham Library and Pendergraft Health Sciences Building.

On Monday, April 8, enjoy the solar eclipse with the entire university. There will be a viewing party from 12:30-3 p.m. on the campus green as we will experience near totality around 1:45 p.m. There will be music, activities, food, giveaways, and glow-in-the-dark t-shirts to commemorate the first total solar eclipse to pass Arkansas since 1918 – that’s 10 years before the university was founded for those of you keeping track.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Weekly Campus Announcements or check out the Calendar of Events to mark your calendars for multiple Stacey Jones Season of Entertainment events, student-directed one-act plays, and the release of the latest Azahares, an award-winning Latino-themed literary magazine.

As always, if there is something you’d like to see in an upcoming UAFS Mailbag, email the Office of Communications at to submit your questions or suggestions.

Until next time,

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