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Outside Designated Scholarships

An outside designated scholarship is any scholarship not awarded by the federal or state government or the university. Outside scholarships will be added to your total financial aid package. In certain circumstances an outside designated scholarship could impact the amount of other aid you can receive.

Since outside scholarships are awarded by agencies outside of UAFS, we do not have any information unless the student or the awarding agency provides that information to us.

Some organizations require verification of enrollment before they will disburse funds. You may get your enrollment verification by logging on to your My.UAFS student account.

If you are expecting a scholarship from an outside donor, we will apply the scholarship as ESTIMATED FUNDS to your account once you have provided an Award Notification Letter. Send your Award Notification Letter to the Financial Aid Office at

Outside scholarship donors should mail scholarship checks to:

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Attn: Cashier
P.O. Box 3649
Fort Smith, AR 72913-3649

Tribal Scholarships Exception

We will apply all Tribal Scholarships (Cherokee, Choctaw, etc.) as ESTIMATED FUNDS from an Award Notification Letter, and those will remain on your account until the actual check arrives.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Outside scholarships are typically based on merit, achievement, performance, or some unique personal attribute. We encourage you to speak with everyone you know to ask about outside scholarship opportunities. Some agencies that typically offer scholarships include local businesses, parents’ employers, civic organizations, and churches. You can also utilize free online searches to look for outside scholarship opportunities.