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Committee for Assessment of Learning Outcomes (CALO)

A faculty-led, student-learning committee, Committee for Assessment of Learning Outcomes (CALO), coordinates assessment activities for the entire campus for continuous improvement in learning. The quality of learning at UAFS is assessed through two primary sets of learning outcomes: a set of learning outcomes specific to each academic program and institutional learning outcomes that target general education competencies. Measures include such approaches as portfolios, practical demonstrations, projects, presentations, comprehensive examinations, embedded exam items, class assignments, labs, and case studies.
The CALO is charged with planning, implementation, and oversight of all assessment activities at UAFS, including the following specific responsibilities:
  • Development and periodic review and revision of the assessment plan for the university.
  • Management of the assessment planning and implementation processes for the academic programs. The actual assessment activities for each major must be completed by the faculty members responsible for the curriculum in the major.
  • Management of the assessment planning and implementation processes for the General Education Program. The actual assessment activities of the General Education Program will be completed by a system of subcommittees whose responsibility it will be to assess each of the university Learning Outcomes identified as program outcomes.
  • Recommendation of changes to the Universities Assessment Processes and Policies.
  • Evaluation of assessment reports as submitted by programs (unacceptable reports should be sent back to the college dean with instructions for revision and resubmission).
  • Informing the provost on the results of the evaluation of the programmatic reports, including any requested revisions, corrections, or changes.
  • Development and implementation of training for new and continuing faculty members regarding the need for assessment within the programs; new and evolving assessment techniques; issues related to improved management of the assessment system (electronic documentation, etc.); and an overview of University Learning Outcomes.
  • Prepare an annual summary report on the assessment activities of the university and submit it to the provost.
Members of the CALO act as assessment resources to the UAFS campus. The faculty on the committee serve as the "assessment expert" for their college or school during their term on the committee and provide oversight for campus-wide efforts in student learning and assessment in their own programs and college and to faculty across campus. 
This faculty-driven committee has been charged to peer review student learning outcome reports generated by fellow faculty.

CALO Members

Co-Chair, Director of Assessment and Accountability
Dr. Lisa Norris
Co-Chair, Faculty
Dr. Shelli Henehan
College of Business and Industry
Derek Goodson
Dr. Ahmad Rahal
College of Health, Education, and Human Sciences
Brandi Weidman
College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Eric Baker
Dr. Dan Maher
Chris Knubley
Curriculum Committee Representative
(currently unfilled)
Faculty Senate Representative
(currently unfilled)
Ad Hoc/Ex Officio Members
Dr. Georgia Hale, provost

College Deans